Toronto Microsoft Evolve Launch Party! Who wants to come?


Anyone going to the Microsoft launch event for Evolve?
One lucky random person from this community will be coming with us to this private event!
We are currently looking for one person to fill up our squad and possibly another if someone falls through!
All you have to do is post that you are available and interested this upcoming Monday!
Swag, drinks, interesting people and Evolve :smile:

So uh, anyone's else's steam copy of evolve inexplicably updating?

I live in Sweden so… no :frowning:


Wonder if this is why it started downloading for people in that area…


I got a few more invites for this private launch party… who wants to come with and play some Evolve?


I live in Toronto, but I’d much rather be by my PC at home waiting to play with my mates than playing it on XBOX at the same time with random people with terrible controls.


I guess you’ll be playing with your fingers on the 9th lol. This is an invite to a private party where you will potentially meet and play with Microsoft and 2K insiders, but I guess that’s pretty lame. No one here interested making new friends, scoring swag and playing Evolve?


Im already going, see you Monday :wink:


Oh this is Toronto party! I’ll be at the London one! Have fun :slight_smile:


Shoot have fun in London! And see you online on the 10th!


Up we go… anyone in Toronto?


I’m so interested it’s not even funny, I once thought I was interested in doing something but the moment passed. I thought " I may never be interested in doing things again." Then you come right along and throw this out there. Available? I’m as free as America.


Nevermind… I can’t go to Canada. Damn it.


If I sell my PS4, can I lurk through the windows?


I have to say I’m more than a little interested. I’m just outside of TO. I guess I’m just a little apprehensive about the idea of not knowing anyone. It would be really cool though.


Playing… with my fingers…?

I think it hits on a Tuesday, a work day, so yeah I will be playing from the comfort of my own home in the company of people who I know, so that when it gets late I can head right to bed, but I guess that’s pretty lame.