Topics unpin themselves after reading


What the title says. If you go into a pinned topic and read all of the posts, it will un-pin itself and you need to manually re-pin it it again. This is with both global pins and normal pins.


Have been experiencing this over and over again. We tried removing the pin and substituting it with a Global pin to no avail.


This is a new feature – to prevent pin-itis (users having to wade through multiple pins every time they view the topic list, 24/7, 365) topics are auto-unpinned for that individual user when that individual user reaches the bottom of the topic.

You can disable this in your user preferences, or it can be disabled site-wide if the admins prefer.

If you do want to reset the pin for everyone, even people who have explicitly dismissed the pin, you can un-pin and re-pin.

Pinned topics keep unpinning themselves for me [Resolved]

Alright, so that’s what that was. It was driving me crazy trying to re-pin the things over and over again and to no avail. User preferences you say? Got it! :smile:


If they don’t want to sift through all the pinned topics why don’t they just unpin them themselves? That sounds like a better option then me being confused the last few days constantly repinning things in anger and confusion.


Okay, I don’t understand why the auto unpinning is even an option. It’s not like there’s ever more than a few globally pinned threads ever anyway.

Meanwhile, I changed my preferencea to STOP auto unpinning and it’s still doing it! It’s driving me a little crazy. Any help?


Stupid question, you are clicking ‘save changes’ after you’ve unchecked the option aren’t you?


I am. I even went back and double checked my settings and it’s still unchecked. Not sure what’s up, but it’s annoying.