Topic Visibility

I just noticed something strange. I created a new topic, and it doesn’t appear under “All” topics although it does appear under “General” if I pick that category specifically.

At first I thought it was your standard “moderator must approve the topic before it becomes visible” sort of deal, but then I saw it pop up when filtering by a specific category. So, there’s probably a bug somewhere? Either the thread needs approval and it’s supposed to be hidden and it’s showing up incorrectly under the category specific thread listings, or it doesn’t and it’s not correctly appearing in the list of all topics.

Or I’m misunderstanding how the forums work and “All” topics is curated by activity somehow? I’m not quite sure what to think. I hadn’t noticed this behavior before, so I’m not sure if it’s intentional. Just wanted to point it out in case it is a bug.

The voice chat topic?

Yeah, it just popped up in the list of topics after it hit 1 hour of age. That’s the first time since posting it I’ve seen it appear under All topics, too. Not sure what that’s about?

Odd, I remember seeing it pop up as new but not sure if that has to do with the Leadership rank or not.