Topic For All Evolve Tributes


This is a tribute video I made for Evolve that took me a few days to make due to procrastinating and mostly figuring out how to put this together on the right moments.

Evolve’s Humbling River

So to those who make future tributes to Evolve they can post them in this here topic so others can see the creativeness and love you have for the game. Here’s hoping you all will enjoy it. Happy Hunting!


Good work man! :smile:


My mind instantly thought of the Hunger Games upon reading title


Thanks @kallumdillon!

The Hunger Games? How so @XkrSkorpion


this plus the fact the hunters are kinda pitted in a natural arena to hunt and be hunted ^.^

Good video btw :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, the guy on the left has like no facial movement/reaction :stuck_out_tongue:


But that guy on the right though, he has no clue what’s going on :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t have facial reactions, then people know what you’re thinking… And you don’t want to know what that guy was thinking…


Hush now Shin, no more of your emo thoughts!

And I wouldn’t mind being a tribute for Evolve participating in a tournament. :smirk:


Yes Rose… I’m sorry. :worried:


We would die horrible deaths midnight. Horrible deaths


Like getting killed by a Mammoth Bird? Yeah. :cry:


Or worse, man eating plant :’(


I have never walked into one of those, ever. I feel proud. :slight_smile:


You say that now, but if we were evolve tributes I’m walking behind you then


I think the worst of all those are the Reavers…All they need is to wait and watch then when you’d least expect it. BAM! :dizzy_face: One shot death because the monster did all the work for them. Evil bastards :laughing: