Top tips for the Trappers Challenge this weekend!

Feel free to add your own…

  1. Pick Griffin if you’re trapper. If he’s not trapper, we ain’t winning anything
  2. If you’re a terrible trapper…press “back” and ask someone else to take trapper!
  3. Griffin is the most vulnerable trapper. Make sure you protect him and distract the monster once the dome is up
  4. Val and Caira are better picks in general than Lazarus for medic
  5. Hank is the best pick for protecting Griffin, but sometimes laying the damage on with turrets or damage amp is more important when Griffin’s got it tethered down
  6. Griffin does better when mobile. If you’re not good at jetpack management or dodging, then take jetpack recharge. if you are mobile already then go for recharge speed to chain your harpoon shots faster
  7. Don’t stray too far away from your team… as a trapper you need to cut off, but don’t dome if all it means is you and the monster alone for 10 seconds!
  8. Soundspikes are useful, especially once the monster has been found. Place them in high spots against goliath and wraith, and low in bushes against kraken.
  9. After a dome is formed always plant a soundspike as soon as you’re safe, as central in the dome as you can
  10. Once the dome is coming down (Griffin should shout when there are 10 seconds to go) get yourself into position so you can harpoon the monster as it tries to escape
  11. Caira’s speedboost should be saved once the dome is up until the dome is finished. Speedboost + harpoons will make the monster very sad :frowning:
  12. For Val it is super important to get in position when that dome comes down too, her tranq’s combined with Griffin’s harpoon will also make the monster very sad :frowning:
  13. In a fight always try to move behind the monster as Griffin, but perhaps more importantly if you’re on the team with Griffin make sure you’re running AWAY from Griffin, but with Line of Sight. Griffin can stop that leap smash or warp blast on you, but not if you’re coming his way!

Any more for any more?


The Gauss SMG is deadly on full auto.

Griffin’s Harpoon does not stop the monster while you are in the air; it only affects the monster when Griffin’s feet are on the ground.

Griffin’s Harpoon stops the monster from going away from you, not towards you. Harpooning it is useless if it’s attacking you / headed towards you. Switch to your SMG when that happens!

Griffin’s SMG is surprisingly accurate, even at full auto; however it is quite weak on its own. It really shines when your medic puts a weak-spot on the monster, or when you’re really good at getting headshots.

You can use your Sound Spikes to ‘split’ the map in half, so you can know which side of the map the monster is on.

Aside from your Sound Spikes, you don’t have much in the way of finding the monster, so make sure you rely on other clues to hunt the monster (tracks, broken foliage, corpses/leftovers, monster cries, etc). This is especially true when you have a monster that sneaks a lot.

Remember that your job as trapper isn’t to follow the monster - it’s to cut it off so you can trap it. Following tracks can be a good starting point, but the monster is faster than you are - you’ll eventually need to anticipate where the monster is going so you can cut it off.


Don’t spam the harpoon. The reload on it is long enough to cripple your combat utility is you use it repeatedly. Always save your harpoons for preventing the monster from climbing, using traversal, connecting with abilities, etc.

Be between the monster and the hunter he’s aggroed to, preferably with the medic healing you simultaneously.

When you see the monster notice the harpoon, release it before he can break it to start the reload a bit earlier than normal.

Stay off the SMG unless the monster’s almost dead or pouncing on a teammate.

Stay near Support when chasing the monster for some cloak + dome action (that’s a general tip for trappers)

Always put a sound spike in the middle of a dome when you put it up - even if it messes up your “perfectly spaced” spike layout.

or just be monster and lose to a few griffins :stuck_out_tongue:

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not enough tips guys!

If someone is trapper playing Griffin and hasn’t said they don’t want to be trapper, then don’t start blurting out tips like they don’t know what they are doing. People play in different ways so wait until they prove they aren’t doing there job properly before harassing them with tips.


Sometimes I can tell right away if someone is even at least good with Griffin, how you ask? Because even a good Griffin player will drop a sound spike as soon as their boots hit the ground, the one delay accepted is playing it on in a “safe zone” that wont be destroyed by animals.

If someone doesn’t do that I am going to be walking them how to play Griffin, giving them a run down on when they should SMG and when to Harpoon, letting them know to take their Poon out before their Dome because once you toss the Dome it auto-switches back to your previous item, which you want to be the Poon.

If I see the Trapper following the monster, instead of cutting off, I will be telling them where and when to cut for the rest of the match.

There are different playstyles and some of them are bad.

Top tip material right there :wink:

I tried to tell someone to stop following the monster and cut off as Griffin today, he decided to spend the rest of the game (and the next) trolling. Some people.

Its not because you don’t put a spike on the spawn that you are bad… Chill mind.

If you’re chasing the monster, save your jetpack for bursts so you can poon him, stay on the ground till he breaks it, then jetpack dodge forward to harpoon him again and repeat the whole thing again

Also your harpoon is great for annoying monsters trying to focus down on a hunter, this is important for teams with val as her survivability is limited

You can harpoon the original body of the wraith to give away her position and let your team dps her, or force her to waste the decoy

I came here to share my wisdom but i feel its all been said.

But some quick tidbits take damage reduction if laz is your medic .The poon cable can be moved so say you shoot a snapshot at a Goliath leap smashing to kill his movement rather than releasing you can maneuver your self and the cable will move around his body allowing you to get behind.

Try and maximize the pathways spike cover by placing them at intersections of the map

I’ve been practicing all week… So ready lol.

That is your opinion. Because if I see that then I think that they are not going to be that good. As I said in my post people play in different ways. I have never seen a spike at drop be useful.

Depends on the map, some maps drop points are very useful spike points, others less so, and if the monster isn’t yet known thanks to birds then it doesn’t hurt in general to have a spike in the ground straight away

And after the few games I’ve had tonight… it goes for any trapper but especially griffin…

  • Don’t lose track of where your trapper is, don’t go more than 100m from them, they are probably going to be staring down the face of a monster and need YOUR support to stay alive! The dome is your friend, help it stay up by not being 10 seconds away from action :smiley:

Why would you not drop one? Because it may screw up your sound placements later?

You may only have 5 sound spikes active at any given time. When you place your 6th it will remove the very first sound spike placed, in this case, the one placed at dropship point. So even if you have a “perfect” set up for said map, your sound spike on the drop wouldn’t interfere with it.

Ill add, as someone with a crap ton of wins with Griff, the sound spike set at drop has a fair high ratio of notifying me of their position before I get my 6th sound spike set.

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I think the only map where I don’t find the drop point sound spike useful necessarily is wraith trap, but that map is huge. Still put it down though because like you say @Lartize, what’s the harm?

well that is your play style and that is fine. I on the other hand have never seen a spike at drop been set off by a monster unless the hunter\s are right on the monsters tail. I use those couple of seconds to find any tracks and head out after the monster so he has less tie to evolve.

If you’re Griffin’s teammate…

  • Line of sight. Griffin doesn’t have infinite jetpack fuel, so he can’t manipulate the Monster all the time without your help.
  • Griff is the best to stop the Monster once the arena is thrown. Think about limiting the Monster’s ability to break line of sight while the dome is being deployed - Toxic Grenades, Orbitals, well-predicted mine placement and other things can help a ton.
  • Orbital harpoon. All day long.