Top Secret Meeple Thread


I’m developing a new Kickstarter campaign that features charms. I was really satisfied with the look and quality of the charms I had produced from my Sushifuda campaign:

…and I kinda always wanted to have a Meeple necklace. While I’ve used actual Meeples with eyelets drilled in, I think they would work really well as charms! Meeples are the cute little wooden people often seen in board games today, mostly popularized by the game Carcassonne but now used widely in various other games.

The Meeple is the iconic symbol of the board gamer, and you can get them in many varieties, from pigs and cows to zombies and ninjas.

This is very much still a work in progress for me. I am creating the initial sketches of the Meeple to be turned into a charm. Since I can have designs on both sides, I want to feature a color on one side and a saying on the other. Many people favor certain colors…and there are color rivalries, so having many colors will be key in the campaign. However, each design costs, so I will need to plan it well. Initially I want to offer the main 5 colors of Carcassonne: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Black. At the moment I am unsure if I will go for a straight-up shot of the Meeple or something more 3D-ish like this look for the colors:

On the back-side of the Meeple I want it to look something like this, at least with this phrase:

The 3D-ish looking design would feature the color of the front-side along it’s edging, if you know what I mean. Again, this is all the early stage work.

If I can reach that monetary goal (which probably will be the campaign goal)…that’s when the fun will really begin and I will offer special character Meeples! Here are a few designs I’ve been working up:

Ninja Meeple:
Always ready to throw down he comes well prepared and can pull a game out at will. The shuriken is actually designed after the “puck” from Crossfire. Remember that game!?

Pirate Meeple:
The pirate Meeple gives no quarter in his games and plays for keeps. He also carries his own “Gamer Grog” on his back. I don’t want to say it’s Rum because some folks might be put off by that amongst parent gamers. I am unsure if I will give him a peg leg but I kinda want to. In that case I have to move some elements around because the monkey on the backside is stealing some Grog from the barrel and I think that’s a fun addition. I did not give him a parrot because I was afraid it would look too cluttered. What do you think?

The Creeple…that one gamer in your group that acts all innocent and unassuming…and that is so sneaky you don’t see their moves coming until they’ve won! Obviously this is a parody but I am unsure if I can make this design because…Minecraft. Parodies can be gray areas. It would feature a happy face on one side and an angry face on the other.

The Gentleman Meeple:
This is the Meeple that started it all and gave me the idea for making them into charms. We always had the running joke on these forums about dapper monsters with top hats and monocles so I had to make that. It would probably be the first character Meeple I would offer after the campaign goal is met for the standard 5 colors. I am extremely happy with this design. This Meeple will beat you with class. Jolly good show old chap! Care for another go?

The Bearded Meeple:
There is a really good YouTuber with this namesake so I may have to change this, but it’s what I’m calling this one for now because BEARDS! Also, this Meeple has game bits poking out of his beard and…is that a sandwich? Even though this gamer often eats at the table and may slobber a little over the board game bits, I also put chess pieces in his back pockets, letting you know he’s a serious gamer despite his rustic look and slovenly charm. I want to also add on him somewhere the +5 for luck, implying that by wearing this charm you will have +5 to your gaming luck attributes.

And to top off all of the Meeples I’ve been working on is this one…another parody but one I think I can probably use? I sure hope I can without getting in trouble. The main swords will all have dice types on the ends of their hilts. The reverse of this will have the text, the chair, and a plain Meeple sitting on the throne for easier/instant recognition that it’s a Meeple on the Iron Throne. This design is very detailed and the opposite I want more simple…just haven’t drawn it yet. I do like the detailed side too though with a kingly Meeple.

That’s all I got for now. Feel free to give me some ideas too or let me know what you think of these. It’s all just a WIP for now.

Edit: Not sure why some images are super huge. I think it has to do with length but it’s really annoying, sorry.


I never heard of a meeple before… Is that weird?


I’m sorry you’ve missed out on the joy of Meeples! Nothing that can’t be corrected. Get him some Meeple games STAT! A heavy dose of Carcassonne should do it.


Oooh, you could make D&D meeple!


YES! You certainly can!
Here is what some folks have done when they went on strike against Games Workshop…they created Meeple Hulk:

Also, here is Carcassonne. Watch it played by Wil Wheaton and friends! It’s hilarious.


You are on a roll :stuck_out_tongue: Get it? Sushi Rolls :stuck_out_tongue:



He’s so much fun though now that he’s grown up and a gamer!


I didn’t realize how difficult it could be to pinpoint an ideal looking Meeple but I think I finally found it. I photographed a few of my Carc. Meeples and found differences in their looks. Some have a more sharp edged look like the outlines I used for the above sketches, while others have nice rounded curves. I think I’m going to stick with the curved look because they seem cuter. Also going to go for the flat look instead of 3D.

Now all I have to decide is…which is better? Black outlines or colored to match the Meeple?

  • Black Outline
  • Colored Outline

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Once I have that done I can pretty much get my project underway. For the main portion of the campaign it’s just for the colored charms, and characters can come later if the project succeeds! I’ll be coloring today and should be able to submit the idea to Kickstarter for approval. Not sure how to make a fun video though…


Anything Minecraft or Roblox themed my Son would love. I will keep an eye on this thread.


My son is into Minecraft and Roblox too. I think I can get away with the Creeper parody by rounding off all the edges to look something like this:

Been debating how to make an Evolve parody Meeple but it eludes me.


Great news! The project has already been green lit by Kickstarter, which means I can launch whenever I want. I plan to launch on Monday!


Preview Link (project not yet live):


The project is now launched! The link above should also take you there.


Updated the project page. Been a little slow…had a rather long weekend and some destroyed sketches…but I finished up The Creeple and the outlines for The Gentleman Meeple!

I can’t help but see Bucket in the Gentleman Meeple. We need a Dapper Bucket skin!


Why is the Gentlemeeple so appealing to me?


You’re probably thinking of Bucket too. :slight_smile:


I think it’s how neatly packed it all looks :stuck_out_tongue:


I finished him up now!


You should replace the 3 with a 4 :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that it look great!!