Top of map spawning! ruining the game!


happens to often spawning on the top of the map! ruining the game completely.

upsetting how often this happens


Doesn’t happen to me, like ever… Not sure why some people are getting it more than others.


I think its an Xbone thing


Must be… I play PC, and haven’t had the bug at all.


Same, and all i ever see is Xbone players talkin about it so it must be. Im pretty sure it only happens on new maps as well so :confused:


very frustrating tbh. The match is void immediately hope it gets better.


Didn’t no that silly xbox needs to sort itself out!


So it is an xbone thing! Thankfully the devs knows so therell prolly be a fix soon enough ^.^


OK so… top of map meaning, you fall? Anyone have a video?


It’s happened to me twice. Both times I let the bot take over for a few seconds. After taking back over I was able to drop into the map.


PC user here. Has happened to me several times. This has also killed me because i was outsude the skybox when the round started.

no video but when it happens it can be all players or just one


I have experienced this with Val and Caira, not sure about the other classes.


I gotta say PS4 has things the best.
Then PC
Then xbox


Ha, this happened to me. Stayed in the air the whole match tranqing/ sniping the monster with Val. But I was too high up in the air to heal anyone :frowning:

I recorded a video but I don’t know how to grab it from my XB1 and put it here.


pst dont rub it in their face :smirk: we ps ppl gotta be better than pc ppl, thats what separtes us from them


@DamJess I have a couple videos.

This one has the best example:


It seems as though you’re able to engage your jetpack far earlier than allowed. Can you do this in any other maps? Whether the first time dropshipping in, or respawning? Also, which system are you playing on? PC? Xbox? PS4?


It’s amazing that the devs don’t know about these problems… Like seriously, the Xbone version is the buggiest game I’ve probably ever played.

Now don’t name me 100 other buggy games, because guess what? I didn’t play them. Evolve ran way smoother in the Big Alpha than it does in the full version.

And you want a video of spawning at the top of the map? I have one, it’s happened to me too.

I’ll post 20 clips of bugs if you’d like, I’ve saved many of them.


I’ll just post my experience with this. Xbox One by the way. This happens to me a lot. Maybe even around 15% or so of the time when starting a match. It will happen on any map for me, though i can’t think of it ever happening on fusion plant. This happens most commonly i think when i join in a game while people are in the first drop ship, basically just starting the match. This can also happen just randomly as well where when in the ship i am able to shot and use any of my abilities. The screen is also black when this happens. I guess the game doesn’t think i am in the ship for some reason. Not sure about a pattern to it. Besides joining into games, this happening after getting in a game after starting in the lobby is very random. I have also spawned in a map outside of the ship also being able to shoot and see (more rare). When everyone else jumps out of the ship i teleport to them. After spawning, you can use your jetpack immediately and can use this to be on the top of high objects in the map, above the normal limit.


It hasn’t EVER happened to me.