Top Line Gameplay Recommendations


Terrific experience. Humble recommends from an amateur:

  1. Shorten the drop ship animation sequence. The countdown clock is wait enough.

  2. In multi-play Evacuation co-op, once players are ready, the countdown clock should end.

  3. Too late to have players control direction of free fall from drop ship?

  4. The minions are too strong.


Not bad comments @Matthew_Kirdahy

Where do you feel minions are too strong? Evac mode you mean?

Also the drop-ship animation is timed so the monster gets their head start; I’d much rather wait on the dropship watching cool dialog than sitting in menu going ‘what the heck is going on?!?’ :smile:


Thanks, @VonHenry. (Note: changed my on-screen name.)

Agree with you about the opening drop sequence. I’m referring to the 2-minute wait after a hunter dies. It almost plays as if it’s 2-and-a-half minutes because of the animation. Is it possible to shorten the wait time perhaps by 1 minute?

The minutes in Nest mode in particular seem to be more than minions. They seem just as strong as the full goliath.

Enjoy the weekend.


With over 100 hours in the playtests and having asked the devs the same thing, I can say that it is intentional and the correct length. They experimented with a bunch of different times, and this one- animation included- worked best.


I wouldn’t mind that! Sounds great.

Disageed. The AI are extremely accurate, but they have terrible decision making skills. They charge at 1% health, attack the wrong hunter, etc. They have less health than a stage 1 goliath without armor. They’re fine, really.