Top 6 pug players that need to be punished with a pillory


My top list of people deserving exemplar punishment, obvious trolls excluded.

  1. level 40 people very bad at playing their role in general, for example bad Assaults never closing up to the monster and dealing 0 damage in one entire dome, bad trappers like a Maggie chasing Daisy 100% of the time, Griffin placing concentrical spikes, Abe never tagging the monster, bad Medics like a Val stuck with the damn sniper rifle tanking the monster with their face, etc.

  2. people playing music. I once used to mute 'em, now I simply insta-leave. It’s like showing to the entire lobby a certificate stating that your IQ is < 50;

  3. People not running away and solo tanking the monster (with 20s to the dropship, maybe);

  4. people AFK from the beginning of the game;

  5. people running immediately at the generator when monster reaches stage 3, even if the monster has got few HPs left, is a Goliath/Kraken and they weren’t distant;

  6. Level 40 people rezzing with Laz in the team;

Over 9000 power level™: people (not Bucket) ALWAYS 150m behind you. Bonus point if trappers.

Ad honorem: most Wraith mains before the upcoming patch.

Add yours people, I’ll start crafting the pillories. Top 3 posts get a golden skin for their pillory.

We could later run a poll with the most recurring elements and elect the most annoying kind of player ever. :anger:

  • People who left just right when the game finaly starts


Hanks who think the laser cutter is their primary weapon to use in fights


Points 6 & 1 simply make me leave the game.
Similarly, I hate trappers that never dome. For instance Griffins that always try to harpoon and Abes that continuously dart to no avail.


well actually thats how u should play

lasercutter>huge dmg inc (lightning rock) >switch to shield >back to lasercutter


I actually do use the laser cutter a lot in battle. I also shield a lot because I always go with the faster weapon switch. Lets me do damage to the monster and then quickly shield anyone being attacked, and also quickly switch when either one of them are out of juice.


hydes that spamms toxic nades while you are chasing the monster


Markovs that don’t lay down mines defensively for the medic


Every player who looks me dead in the eyes when I’m downed…and then walks away.


that exists ?


Players that troll by spam pinging anything and everything.


Please who leave a sec before losing.
Please who leave if monster goes 50% or below in stage 1/2
People who leave if medic dies
People who leave if they die.
Idiots who shoot monster before dome and then blaming trapper for missing dome.
Idiots who cluster together (support n assault)
Idiots who run far from team and die , then blame the team.
Dumbshits who blames team even though he sucks patootie ~.~


I prefer to disown a team when I get 2-3 people rushing to revive me… while still fighting the monster… It never works… He’s right there guys… watching all of this while laughing…

Abe’s that don’t know you can have 5 grenades on the field at once. Spread out the love… throw one at the medic, one at support, one at the monster, and 2 at the likely escape routes please…

People who run off on their own… and get eaten by plants…

Teams who get over-excited after the dome and run right into a tyrant or other large beast. Half the team goes down, and the monster gets a free evolve…

Players who rage at your choice of character… despite not knowing how good you are with it.


I feel like I should change my first statement. The laser cutter is pretty powerful and I too use it a lot, but I always run capacity on Hank for the extra shields. I’m more referring to Hank’s who hardly ever use the shield. I’m fine if you use your cutter as long as that shield comes out when someone starts getting low on health, and if one teammate is really low, you need to be able to instantly shield them if need be at all times


People who revive with laz on team should be banished from evolve.


The cat face got me


Yes. Watch IGN’s Sunny video. Then you will know my pain.


Monsters who troll the last person alive by just walking behind them and not killing them

Monsters who troll the last person alive and wait till the count down of the ship is done to kill them making game last longer than it needs to


Oh i thought they were bots, srsly wtf is that mentality, he’s not gonna get up by himself X)

I hate supports who cloak, get really close to the monster while he’s eating, ping him, then shoot. 0 damage output, monster pounces him because he’s so far away, and traversal away.


People that don’t use mics. :smile: