Top 6 best Medic ( Alexis's List )


6.Rogue-Val ( Her Healing is just aweful only her poison dart and her survive skills are good )
5. Emet ( His Healing Burst Reload time need to much time and his beacon is weak against good Monsters )
4. Lazarus Sadly ( He is a great Medic but good Monsters know how to beat him )
3. Caira ( She is good whit Hank and Sunny )
2. Val

  1. Slim ? ( Since his Automatic Buff he feels pretty strong for me and he i the only medic who can make good damage and healing at the ame time )

what do u think of my list ?^^


How are you rating them? I usually think it’s how good they heal


So Rogue Val Is number 1 even though she’s terrible? :stuck_out_tongue:
It goes from 6 (worst) to 1 (best) not the other way around :wink:


healing and how they feels against good Monster

Maybe Lazarus healing is bad but because his no strike revive he is better as Rogue-Val for me :stuck_out_tongue:


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Moiser? is that you?

  • Rogue Val is love, Rogue Val is life
  • Slim is only good against 3/7 Monsters


No Emet is love. Emet is life…and we all can believe that he’ll do it


Trust me, I wouldn’t consider myself a terrible monster but I went up against a team of silver/golds who had the oddest comp. Griffin, Kala, Emet and Parnell.

Went in pretty confident but little did I realise that Kala and Griffin made Emet impossible to catch and when I finally got to the stage that everyone was down and I needed to take down Emet I had to choose between stopping Parnell from getting up by a healing boi, trying to kill Emet with low health or taking out the beacon to prevent the rest from getting back in. That beacon may be easy to take out but its the fact as monster you have to choose what to kill first when it comes down and puts you under a lot of pressure.


Wtf is this a bug ? i hv make Rogue Val as 6. and Slim as 1. lol


I don’t know what’s happening


Not true

Slim is great against all monsters .

Against kraken in close areas he is good . Other wise he is not

Take out laz from medic rank

1- Slim
2- Val
3- Rogue val / caira
4- Emet


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Hopefully after this next patch Emet will be in a higher position since his healing is getting a slight buff, people think he’s bad because they don’t know how to play with him correctly and the person playing Emet probably isn’t all that good


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nightmare if you fight him with a hank that cloaks and shields him


Emet powah! Seriously, my team is used to play with him, so I don’t need to explain how to behave around him. However put Emet around newbies and the team is practically a walking dead meat. And doesn’t matter how good Emet player is. Last time dude said I sucked because I couldn’t focus on healing him.


One time I had a guy yell at me as medic to “do my fuckin job” because people kept going down and I yelled right back to him “it’s not my fault you idiots can’t dodge anything, learn how Emet works because I only have one burst to heal you and the rest is up to you”


And they just keep running away from buoys like retards. I told them to stay near them no matter what. Did they listen? No. But they still blamed me.