Top 5 Characters to Survive


I think a big part of a sequel would be choosing which characters return from the OG.

Personally, I’d like to see Evolve 2, if ever one, have 3 tiers full of completely new characters and take place a few years in the future after maybe a couple dozen planets in the Far Arm have been taken out and now, for the first time, monsters have been found within HUB.

What naturally happens is that a whole subdivision of the Planet Taming Corp. has been formed(and now is managed by Parnell, maybe). There are individual chapters of this smaller “Invasive and Destructive Alien Control Corp” or IDAC.

The gear utilized by the characters in Evolve 1 have all been standardized and produced by IDACC(or whatever it might be). So the “Salveron Healing Grenade Launcher” is now an specifically manufactured by IDACC or perhaps contracted out to Salveron, but it is still specifically for monster hunting now. Another example might be that the wacky junkyard tech made by Jack, such as the repulsor, has now been improved and produced on an industrial level. There might even be repulsor drones and repulsor traps.

This gives the devs the excuse to reuse equipment ideas on new characters.

So now that we got new characters, what do we do with the old ones?
Make them DLC of course(bar the monsters, I think Goliath will always need to be the first monster).

People will spend fortunes to play their favorite old characters, even if they have new gear. Or, better yet, we could have adaptations of these new characters that ARE the old characters(because they have similar gear). And yes, I see that you have a lot of the old characters as DLC, which is cool.

But this brings me back to my final point and something I teased to earlier when I said Parnell might lead IDACC…

[TL;DR starts here]
I think characters should die. If I could chose one person to die it would be Cabot. Then after that probably Griffin and Lennox. But point is not everyone should survive. So the question is, who?

If only 5 characters could return in Evolve 2, who do you think should(or would survive the first wave)?

  • Val
  • Lazarus
  • Caira
  • Slim
  • Emet
  • Hank
  • Cabot
  • Sunny
  • Maggie and Daisy
  • Maggie Only
  • Daisy Only
  • Griffin
  • Abe
  • Crow
  • Jack
  • Markov
  • Hyde
  • Parnell
  • Torvald
  • Lennox

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Bucket was taken out because he is immortal and would return confirmed :bucket: :bucket_salute: :bucket_sentrygun: :bucket_salute:

not actually confirmed bucket would return, but technically if anyone survives, so does Bucket.
Now that I said that, Matthew will find a way to kill only Bucket

Opinion on MY PERSONAL DLC Plan for Evolve Sequel

Wow, everybody voted for Parnell to live. Lol
I voted Val, Caira, Daisy, Crow, and Parnell


Wouldn’t EMET be immortal as well?
Anways in terms of character and stuff that would make the game enjoyable, I chose Caira (she won’t stop till she studies them more, and I want her to have a boyfriend), Maggie and Daisy due to their narrative with the monsters, Abe cause his personality is fun, and Torvald as I like the White Whale story.
Some runner ups would be Kala cause her tragic story is top notch, Val cause I want to see what happens to her with being a spy, Griffin cause he survived so much why can’t he survive now, Lennox cause I like her and the mech, and Lazarus because we need someone to have his technology and I doubt we’ll find a 2nd Lazarus man.


His “consciousness” is in his drone. Bucket’s is on the ship, which probably won’t be destroyed if anyone is to live.


I picked hyde, laz, jack, hank, and slim.
If one man cld survive, its the man who treats death like its his bitch an thats Hyde, he is without a doubt the hardest man on the team. And plus that he and Laz were in the war together, and if laz is going to survive(escapes with his cloak) im sure he wldnt let his battle brother die on shear…


I picked everyone except Slim (I know he’s been nerfed, but his constant heal burst is annoying. You’re about to down a Hunter, then Slim heal bursts, saving that Hunter.), Sunny, and Lazarus (He makes the game no fun for Hunters and Monsters).


Are we supposed to vote based off how we feel about each characters playstyle and kit? Or off the backstories and characteristics of each character? Cause i cld change my answers if its off of playstyle and kit…
Or is it just personal choice, no reasoning needed?


eeeeeeeeh. sry.

Yeah kinda derailed. I think this is important when talking about Evolve 2 DLC, but if @Rapterror wants a separate thread, then I can see where he is coming from.


How cld anybody want daisy only to live? Thats like the saddest shit ever, have you ever seen a pet(mostly dogs) just wait and wait and wait forever hopeful for their master/bestfriend to just never come home? Breaks me fuckin heart it does.


Lazarus and Emet, and Lenny, and Torvald must return!


Think Markov would be the first to die for his friends, and for honor. I think Hyde would to; he’s batshit crazy but his bloodlust makes him all the more willing to go down fighting.
Parnell has a lot on his conscience. I think he’d happily die trying to save the others. Lazarus is a slinky bastard, you know he’d live. I think Lennox would live, she’s very stubborn and realistic. She knows she’s smart, and may be able to figure out how to stop the monsters if she lives.
I think Abe would be able to survive, but he might sacrifice himself to save someone like Sunny. I do believe Kala has the highest survival chance; she came to the team last. She joined last, for a different reason. Not to save the colony, but to find where the monsters come from and stop them. She’s to invested in her mission, and doesn’t have enough bonds with the others to sacrifice herself for them.


From a story perspective its just tragic enough to make sense.


So I based my choices off of a tragedian type standpoint. Setting up the story and feels for the sequel.
I picked

Val- chose to live so as to inform cig9 of the threat, purely out of duty for the future of humans. Still hasn’t forgiven herself for abandoning her teammates. She vows to never watch another teammate die.

Cabot- Bucket wouldn’t let him die. so he was forced to watch his crew die as bucket saved him. His story of guilt with leading the team and recruiting people to their death would be a GREAT opener scene. Drunken hollow Cabot warning the new crew of the horrors they had fought, and what they were about to come face to face with, with a heartbroken daisy at his side. Her last friend in life.

Daisy- stays as a reminder of the original feel of the game. The consistency of her as a tool to be used. But now she looks broken, a shell of what she used to be, no longer wagging her stump. Conveying the end of what we knew. Basically just a big heart-wrencher to cement in the tragedy of what had happened.

Jack- Lennox drops her pride and selfishness and steps out of her suit making room for jack to have a future. After convincing him to get in to check diagnostics, and look for ways to help improve the suit, monsters attack them. She quickly welds jack in, and no sooner than she had just finished, wraith abducted Lennox and jack heard her screams in the distance. (He then proceeds to wreck monster face) this breaks him out of his super hero persona he had been using and plants his feet firmly on the ground. Now in the sequel jack is a more down to earth character, that doesn’t believe in miracles. He leads the next charge in Lennox’s suit as an assault.

Just my thoughts. But I could write something like this for any of them.


I was thinking the same thing.


I had a lot more fun with this then I thought I would =P


Cue @ToiletWraith fawning.


IMO, if they were to do a evolve 2, they should keep all the current characters. That’s 20 hunters and 5 monsters already (not counting variations), with minimal work. This would mean way more characters, which would get rid of the “low content” argument.


I chose Maggie only I mean think f how much more of a ''lust for revenge ‘’ Maggie would have torwards the monsters for killing daisy


Just kill everyone but my Jack, Miley, Torvald & Sunny.


I vote the only survivors be the five base monsters wearing flimsy human costumes.