Top 5 bosses in gaming


DISCLAIMER: This is MY opinion, don’t get your jimmies rustled pls. Feel free to post your favorites! Devs encouraged!

  1. Senator Armstrong - MGR:Revengeance
    While the game wasn’t very difficult, it was completely fucking bonkers from the get go with it screaming RULES OF NATURE when you lift a 7 ton Sword of doom with your bare hands, it only got crazier. Finishing with what is the most comically amazing final boss who couldn’t be more American. NANOMACHINES, SON. pls add him to broforce.

  2. Ornstein and Smough - Dark Souls
    These guys. What marks as the skill check of the halfway point of your journey in Dank Souls happens to be one of the hardest bosses in the entire game. One will shove a lighting dildo up your anus, and the other will crush you with his ban hammer. And you know what? The fight was absolutely intense, and of course it’s worth it since there is an amazing chest ahead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. The final fight with Jeanne - Bayonetta
    [EPIC INTENSIFIES] I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy intense this fight was on Non-stop infinite climax, you fight on rockets run on walls and flail so many guns around it would make Dempsey blush. The fight was straight up epic. (Another contender was the Rodin fight, which took me 3 consecutive hours, plus an additional 2 non-conescutive)

  4. The first fight with Virgil - DMC3
    Platinum loves showing up on this list I guess, this was a close one for the number one spot since it did such a great job building up to fight and adding some great little details during the fight, one of the most intense and visceral fights in a game.

  5. The 13th colossus - Shadow of the colossus
    How could I not put a boss from here on this list? This boss, the first time I fought it was truly awe inspiring, as well as greatly designed. You little have to use EVERYTHING you’ve learned up to this point to fight the boss well. When you running and do an epic leap on to it’s lowered wing after shooting it down only to end up hundreds of feet in the air and traveling across what seems like a small land you learn once again, you are small as fuck compared to these guys. A truly amazing boss that still awes me to this day.


Gehman the first hunter, can’t even tell you how amazing this fight was for me the first time. I also got to play shadow of the colossus for the first time the other day and it was one of the most amazing things of all time. Unfortunately I only got to play a couple of hours before my free ps now week ended, so i definitely have to buy a month of that to finish the game.


Grigori from dragon’s dogma.


Agreed on b*tchstein and smoughhole. Really captures the dark souls feeling; I hate them with a burning passion, and love them at the same time. As for the colossus, I loved all of them (love the game as well, true masterpiece).


Ornstein and Smough gave me PTSD.


13th Colossus was amazing. That whole game was awesome. I still listen to the soundtrack often.


Kingdom Hearts - Sephiroth
Kingdom Hearts 2 - Xemnas ( final Boss )
God of War 3 - Cronos


Again, Shahdee from Prince of Persia: Warrior within.
I know I mentioned her from the “difficult levels” but it was a very memorable boss fight for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lords of the Fallen - The Worshipper.

This boss took me about 2 weeks to complete. I have no idea why as it was easy enough to figure out what to do. Hide in a shrine when he does the instakill move and try to get him to hit a shrine to stun him for a while so you can deal heavy damage.

The thing that always got me was the eggs he summoned. I’d always get to destroy one but never the other, so the little enemy hatched from it. That wasn’t the problem though. It was when the worshipper did the instakill move at the same time so I’d be stuck in a shrine unable to roll and that enemy would charge me, stagger me and keep attacking all because I couldn’t roll out of the way. Then I was dead. After countless attempts I just got lucky enough for that not to happen.


Hell yeah, Xemnas was a truly epic ending to that game’s main storyline.
Absolutely loved the flow of the battles - with the fights gradually growing larger and larger until finally concluding with a back-to-basics duel with Riku at your side.

Let’s see.

  • Any colossus from Shadow of the Colossus of course.
  • Biolizard from Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Alduin from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Water escape from Ori and the Blind Forest (technically not a battle, but the game features escape sequences instead of boss fights and this part of the game kicks ass).
  • The Guardian from Darksiders II.
  • Hoyt from Far Cry 3.
  • Wheatley from Portal 2.


Yeah i love the first Part of the match and that Part against his Dragon xD


Top 5 (no order)
1.Jetstream Sam (Loved MGSRR)
Jeez this fight was epic, the soundtrack the hype all of it. I played on the normal, but I had a bit of trouble fighting this guy, me and him were dead equal. Blow for blow, it felt like I was playing something straight of a movie.

2.Shadow Ganon (The legend of Zelda Wind Waker)
This is a game series I player all the time growing up. By far my favorite boss, the soundtrack every time you hit back his energy ball got the hype flowing. It was simple but a lot of fun.

3.Nexus (Dead Space 3) This boss fight blew my mind because I haven’t foughten a boss so big since the first dead space. ( in the series) I love the part when he falls down and he tries to inhale you, and he slowly pulls you into his mouth

4.Krauser (Resident Evil 4)
Badass, and nothing but.

  1. Death (Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen)

I’ve never felt fear in this game until I fought death, he can literally kill you in one hit no matter what. He was a challenge that’s for damn sure


My only gripe with MGSR:RRis is that revengance isn’t a word.


I can confidently say that they didn’t for me, even on new game plus. Still a bitch tho.


That knife fight killed so many unexpecting players. Vertigo was also a really cool boss.


It should be.


Everything in the list @Rick made are great boss battles.

Ganondorf from Wind Waker was really fun

Bowser from both Super Mario World incarnations (Game Boy’s Yoshi’s Island is also Super Mario World 2)

The Reaper, Korstaag(?) Miraak and Lord Harkon were fun boss battles.

Cerebulon from War of the Monsters - I’ll never forget destroying the Washington Monument in a single blow, or his laser.

Master Hand from the original Super Smash Bros. It was the only Final Destination theme that wasn’t a remix of the main theme.

Every boss from Rareware games on the N64. I feel the Alien deserves special mention, but I’m biased because Alien is my favorite movie and Alien Isolation is currently my favorite horror game. Withotu Conker’s Fur Day, though, I don’t think I’d have ever gotten into Alien.

There are other bosses I’d put on here, but they’re pretty vague, so I’ll leave them out.


He only got me once man, the rest I got flawless. Not to say there weren’t any close calls :stuck_out_tongue:
It was between this boss and Salazar . But I picked him because Salazar was easier for me to fight.
Broken butterfly, he didn’t stand a chance against it.


Hahah, that’s fair enough. I gotta say it redeemed itself with that good ass gameplay though.


As far as opponents to fear, I 100% agree with you that death is the scariest opponent. But in terms of best antagonist in the game is Grigori.

all praise his badassness, even if the fight is really easy.