Top 15 yeah!


Ohhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah

Leaderboard is buggy, sry :)

Congratulations! Better hold on to it for as long as you can. :slight_smile:


I will crush all hunters who oppose me >=[



head for #1 now!


#7 Torvald :wink:



Not with that weirder at the top


well, it seems it goes by wins and not w/l ratio or anything else. soooo

just win another 420gorgon games and you’re good!


#34 goliath :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish it went by WLR D:


i wish i had more time to play. want to try to be top cabot PC


Cabbage is truly underrated. go do it



that guy in the #12 spot is a jerk tho…whoever he is :innocent:


Nice job man! I never really bothered trying to climb those leaderboards myself, but I’m impressed by the people who do :smiley_cat:


Narcissist Torvald. D<

Also, congrats!!! I’m very impressed.


The two top gorgons on your ladder haven’t lost a game? Or is that a glitch?


Teach me how


they havent lost,…
IM sure its some exploit or abuse of the numbers there doing,.

Like friends feeding games intentionally etc


Me teach you Gorgon?

I got tips if ya need them.


They back out before dying. Sure they have lost, but if they back out before they die it doesn’t add a tally on the “deaths”. Notice myself and Ryn. Mainly Ryn, that guy never backs out. He will fight to the very last every time.

My strat usually involves capitalizing on a mistake. Sometimes I don’t catch them making a mistake until I’m halfway in the grave so I don’t quit out either and sometimes I lose. That’s not to take away from ssmr or azure’s accomplishment. I’ve fought both as a hunter and think I lost every game. They’re skilled, but there is a reason they have zero deaths.

…ok I am curious how Azure has a 561.00 on his WLR?


He probably does back out of games.

What a loser.

I never do. Ever ever.