Top 10 Wildlife I Hate


These are all the wildlife I hate from a hunters perspective.

  1. Mammoth Birds- For some reason whenever i go the opposite way they always seem to hit me.

  2. Dune Beatles- they will chase you for MILES

  3. Nomads- for a docile creature they will kill you for simply sniffing their air.

  4. Blitzleopard- Got more hops then Micheal Jordan and can grab you even if you jetpack dodge

  5. Crowbill Sloth- Do so much damage for something that’s not a monster and will chase you beyond their “territory”

  6. Venomhound- Little sh*ts that are hard to shoot if your Medic or Trapper and leave you with poison

  7. Reavers- If you’re Val good luck on your own killing them. Anyone else they may hit you once or twice.

  8. Tyrant- Death roll is no joke. if you don’t expect it then it can be kinda scary

  9. Megamouth- Those rocky bastards can blend in pretty well if you don’t know the spawns.

  10. Armadon- I think thats what it’s called Big pain in the ass and another stupid animal that will chase you to the ends of the earth.

Honorable Mention- Carnivous Plant, Obsidian Grub, Cephaladon.


Lets not forget the extemely vicious Canyon Striders.
:snake: :milky_way: :hatched_chick: (Reptile Space Chicken XD)


Val main saying high. Just hipfire into them- it’s really very easy.

Eh. We Aussies are used to it- our crocs make Tyrants look like a joke.

Shhh! You’re not meant to say that aloud! Did nobody ever teach you NEVER to invoke the name of an Eldritch creature?


Alright ill try that next time.


I cringe to say this, but…try quickscoping? Don’t kill me. Just quickly ADS and fire. Reavers leap straight for you- can’t miss. One hit kill.



  1. Mammoth Bird
  2. Mammoth Bird
  3. Mammoth Bird
  4. Mammoth Bird
  5. Mammoth Bird
  6. Mammoth Bird
  7. Mammoth Bird
  8. Mammoth Bird
  9. Mammoth Bird
  10. Mammoth Bird


The mammoth birds a troll,
but that was TRS’s goal…


Got more hops than Michael Jordan 10/10


Where is a dislike button. When you need one?


MAMMOTH BIRDDDDD!! Everything else is avoidable while still tracking monster…meanwhile you have 2or3 squid ostriches basically playing Defense for the Monster.

Makes me furious just thinking about all the past situations lol


Tell us ur pain


What is ADS


Aim Down Sights.
ADS is easier, it’s an FPS (First Person Shooter) term.


^This. I just tap the RMB (right mouse button- the “zoom” button) and it gives a one shot kill on any reaver.


Never heard it used for FPS shooters.

Also, I know what FPS is


It wasn’t an insult, I’m simply making sure you’re informed. ^.^


Oh, I knew u weren’t insulting me but I wanted to show that how much I actually knew.