Tooltips and such


I think that there are lots of things that are a bit confusing (especially for new players) regarding the UI and Menus

Maybe you should consider adding tooltips or any kind of cursor hover assistance for easier understanding of the perks, weapons, and monster spells.

  1. I have no clue what any of monsters do (without checking it online of course) So perhaps a small guide in store or in your character list could helpful. It’s not OK to just buy a monster or a hunter in store based on class and how the character actually looks like on picture…

  2. Similar to monsters, (for example once there’s a new character on free weekly rotation) until i enter the game I am not aware of what any of weapons actually do. No information beside names of weapons.

3. The level rewards are not as clear as they should be. It’s hard for a new player to understand what an arrow and boot means as a level reward,all it states is perk but no clue which one unless you memorize the icon and check with the rest of icons when picking perks.

I hope that this suggestion will be read by some of developers and that it actually may contribute in the future of this game

Suggestion to game: Shop and characters