Too much food in Arena

It seems the Arena meta for the monster is Dine and Dash, or just dine until stage 3(if the team is bad enough).

What do you guys think?

  • Too much food, are we playing Hunt again?
  • It’s balance, get good newbs.
  • It’s not enough, I need to bulk up for winter.

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Food isn’t the primary factor in the balance of Arena but honestly I think Arena is a bit hunter favored right now.

I have mix feelings for Arena right now, haven’t been playing enough monster to say how it feels from the monsters side.

Realistically I haven’t much either to be honest but I think Monster’s should start full Armor.

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Would probably stop the annoying start where monsters have to feed up first before engaging.

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Really, too much food in it? ever time i played there was always non or i just couldnt eat it 'cause i was being stopped

I don’t agree with this, I always have a tough time finding food in Arena, and if there is any then a decent team is pressuring me so I can’t eat anyway.


Its enough to feed up to stage 3 and some armor but not more, so i would say its balanced.
Its anyway only theoretically because any decent team of course will not let you feed up to stage 3, or even feed much at all.

It is so easy to anti-feed within a dome. Try moving away from the start location :stuck_out_tongue:

I move around but I guess in pubs its kinda hard to do.

There’s food?! O.O

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Yup this, no food full armour

Shouldn’t you try both sides before forming an opinion?

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Explore Alain Littaye

Don’t you even start…

and please read the writing, I didn’t make it cripted or anything that would say otherwise.

haven’t been playing enough monster to say how it feels from the monsters side.

It means I haven’t played the monster as much as I used to or as much as I am playing the hunters.
That doesn’t mean I haven’t been playing the monsters as much as I used to with the hunters.

Man, your jimmies have been rustled.