Too much burn


They made meteor Goliath too OP when they added more time to his burn. I mean think about it they made him so that all of his abilities burn but they balanced it by making his abilities longer to charge. Now he doesn’t even need to have them charge fast because they will be burning the whole time. If anything they should have decreased the time. He has four abilities that burn why does the burn need to last longer?


He was very underpowered before because he lacks the burst damage OG Goliath does. Damage over time is easier for Medics to heal and Supports to shield. Let’s give it a little time, his telemetry charts will come back and we’ll see how he’s doing.

I still prefer OG for the burst damage, MG needs something going for him.


In my opinion he’s just fine that way and if anything should be reduced, it’s the initial damage his abilities do so that he’s still very different from original Goliath.

He just demands a different playstyle to counter.
Cloaks should be used sooner and more carefully.
Hank’s shield can no longer be used to quickly tap for shielding the initial damage because the DoT inflicted hurts just as much.


He has the burst damage they just don’t happen as fast as OG but it doesn’t need to when you lose a chunk of health plus 6 seconds of burn. Plus if if you use the ability cool down perk MG abilities charge almost as fast as OG. So now he has OG burst damage plus MG long burn damage. That’s too much.


He still does reduced initial damage to compensate for the fire Dot, hence the lack of burst damage.


It’s one extra second. That’s 40 damage, if I’m remembering correctly. Every form of healing can make up for that in less than three seconds. Not exactly a game-changer.


I always thought that the long burn DoTs were too much because all of his abilities have increased range and are AoE


Today I played Val against MG…

Needles to say, I was very, VERY sad ;_;


I absolutely love MG. I’m a hunter main and when I see MG I know that it will be an interesting fight. You can’t approach him the same way as OG. I think he’s well done.


I’m sorry, I just had to :smiley:


Am waiting for the next TU to see what happens to all the monsters, Meaty included


If it takes 3 seconds to heal damage that only one second how do not think that’s a game changer it might seem small but that damage builds up.


I don’t really care about his damage. What makes him extremely annoying is that bright blue fire special effect that he’s attaching to hunters with every attack, including undodgeable long range fire breath. It makes cloak completely useless, and cloak is an extremely important part of support’s kit.


Because most healing does it in one second. The Health Regen perk gets 40 HP back in less than two seconds. Emet is the only one that slow, but he’s got HB.

I was generalizing because three seconds is such a short amount of time.

It does build up, but only if you’re repeatedly getting hit by attacks. Which isn’t OP at all, it’s actually fair. Taking damage when getting hit. Otherwise, it wears off quickly and can be healed in only a moment.


Quite, the problem Meaty poses for players isn’t at all the damage, it’s the ability to better keep track of your support or Laz. I’m on the fence about it at the moment but tend to agree that on balance he should be doing slightly less initial damage to make up for the fact he finds it easier to make follow up attacks and generally cause disarray.


That too it keeps cloaked hunters lit for a longer period of time that is even more reason why it’s dumb to make it longer. If you see them cloak all you gotta do is fire breath light him up and as long as you hit him with a ability every 6 seconds he’ll say lit up like a Christmas tree


I don’t think it’s a bad thing that his burn nullifies cloak. There’s no monster that really counters cloak softly in a fight (ok, maybe I exaggerate a little), let alone hard, so I’m not sad that there’s a monster that does nullify that element of the game a little.

I think though that people do need to wait and see how things come out in the wash next TU. With all the changes they’re alluding to on reducing body camping, and improving the ability to get people back on their feet, much of what is said on this subject may be irrelevant soon!


Dear christ no. OP? Are you jam sandwiching me son? MG sucks compared to OG. His lack of burst is a big issue considering goliath is a brawler, his fighting is all floaty and rubbish instead of the more precise fighting of OG (which is still like using a bus to round up sheep but still). Water, currently, puts out his damn DOT but even when this is fixed he’s still going to be under OG. Then if you are unlucky enough to be up vs an AOE healer you’re in for an even harder time! Oh and of course he has longer recharge times…great…

He does not need any nerfs.


I’m still not sure on the differences myself (left before Meaty was released), what are they?


Each ability does less up-front damage than OG’s abilities. In exchange he does burn damage afterwards.