Too Many Nerfs?


We’ve all been seeing a lot of OP threads and stuff, I find it sometimes it’s unnecessary to nerf a certain Hunter and/or Monster.

Monster Examples:
Wraith: She was suppose to be the fastest. When using Decoy being able to warp around the Hunters to reposition herself during combat. and her warps were too much. Now she’s like a slug since a lot of players got her hit with the nerf bat.
She’s slower than Behemoth and it’s much bigger than her.
Goliath: This monster got muscles yet he can’t break through a shield and down Hunters, he struggles. I think that’s ridiculous.
Kraken: LS is supposedly a skill strike yet AS does the same damage (OR near the same damage) and it’s the only monster that has a chance and mitigate damage but I’m seeing people saying Karken is Anti-fun and should be nerfed or even banned…

The hunters are stronger than Monsters? Why? The hunters can let you get to S3 while waiting at the Relay and the outcome is Monster dying, no strikes.
A monster evolving would be stronger, and should be more fearful and scary, not just know it has more health and is bigger.
You use all your traversals to get to the other side and when you turn around and sniff you see the Hunters are close. A monster is much bigger than a hunter but it can’t create distance from the hunters and evolve safe. I think Monsters should be buffed, main Goliath and Wraith.

What nerfs do you guys think that was unnecessary and shouldn’t have been done?


I think a rush Wraith is in a really strong spot right next to Kraken, Goliath is so bad at the moment and Kraken is very viable right now, and well Behemoth is good… terrain still does play a big role in his attack power.


Kraken is a bit over the top IMO. Nerf Kraken a tiny bit- bring him in line, rather- nerf Hunters and then for the love of Christ buff the other three monsters.


What do you mean rush Wraith? I love OG but he just doesn’t do it, so I hardly play Ranked because I shouldn’t be forced to be Karken to win. Plus I suck as the best monster now. I used to be pretty good with Kark.


Yes, Monsters have been needed hard, don’t like where they’re at.


Wraith definitely needs speed buffs and Goliath needs buffs.


if they buff monsters anymore, the game will be unplayable, it’s close now. If u think kraken or bob need a buff then… u r in another world.


Wraith needs speed buffs and health/armor nerfs…As it is she’s more of a brawler than Goliath is.


Ah… I used to love playing the Wratih. It was a mix of burst damage with cunning. Then they changed the abilities somewhat and, though the Wraith is still powerful, I don’t find it as half as fun to play.

Can’t talk about specific buffs, nerfs or what not, but I do find it sad that all the requests to nerf or buff a character might influence on any decision to do so.


The game wouldn’t be unplayable. The only person that seems to be out of orbit is you with your previous statement no offense. The thing is if Kraken is the only viable monster against the hunters on a higher skill plain, then he is the example we should use to buff the monsters accordingly.


You summed it up perfectly.


I hate me a Kraken, but I have to agree it’s a lot better than it used to be. A common chord, which I agree with, is to nerf AS damage while buffing LS damage. The almost unavoidable AS should do less than the skill shot. I’d also like knockback removed from his snowballs. Then I think it’d be close to perfect.


Agreed on all of that except-

Lightning Strike could perhaps do with a little buff to damage but its main issue is how easy it is to dodge without the use of another ability. Rock Throw, Warp Blast, Fissure, can be used point blank for a near guaranteed hit. LS? Nada. So I think it needs to be slightly harder to dodge- but not too much harder- and AS needs to have damage a little lower than Leap Smash. That, I feel, would make Kraken balanced in conjunction with changes to his snowballs.


Are you relatively new to the game, or playing with random teammates, or both?

The problem/challenge of Evolve is that Hunters require 4 humans to coordinate to be effective. Monster (a bit too simplistically) just has to get good at its abilities. Hunters have been balanced to give new-ish pubs a fighting chance, however that means an experience team of coordinated hunters of equal skill can destroy most monsters. Only Kraken can consistently hold it’s own.

So it might feel like the monsters are OP to you. Said another way, monsters are OP against newer hunters and UP against experienced, coordinating hunters, especially premades that play together often.


Maybe. But TRS made it harder to aim because otherwise Kraken was guaranteed to land AS followed by LS or the other way around. Right now you can maybe dodge both only if you’re a master at jetpack management and timing and network conditions are ideal.

Either way, the details of the changes we’re talking about are slight, which I think is a good indication that Kraken is really close right now; which it pains me to admit because I was so full of Kraken hatorade for so long.


I’m sorry, the title, I just…


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You should be glad to hear that these changes are almost exactly what TRS is testing. Hopefully they make it in the next patch.