Too many issues to be fun


Was really looking forward to this (played the alpha and beta) but not so sure now. Shadow errors, being seen through the map, fighting invisible hunters, leaderboards reset for Lazarus, takes forever to get into a game that will inevitably kick me out, friends and I cannot play a custom match, my friends and I can’t play a match without one of us freezing up and going back to the dashboard, strange glitch where a corpse of a hunter is thrown tp the opposite side of the map so I cant res them, hunters not jumping out of the ship, I mean I can’t even play the game, there is no chance I’d recommend this game, which is sad because I was really exicted for evolve… :frowning:


@macman can you elaborate on these connection issues? I have been experiencing the same thing and to be honest the online play is so crippled among my friends most of us are literally done playing until something is fixed. Is this being looked into at all?


There is only two things driving me crazy and that’s the shadows all over the place while in game and the monster being able to get out of the dome if the edge of the dome is close to a ledge and he just climbs out of the dome by climbing up the ledge.


Yeah, many fixes are in the xbox patch that fixes the lost progression stuff (including the shadow fix.)


Ok thanks for the quick reply! Pardon my lack of knowledge but when does this patch launch?


Working to get the xbox one out ASAP. There are lots of factors that affect the actual release date of the patch, but we’re pushing as hard as possible. I feel every second that goes by!


I’m starting to wonder if you have nightmares at night. Hell, that’s if you do sleep that is.


I’ve got my fingers crossed! I really want to like this game :slight_smile: any idea when the update comes out?


I’ve been wrong the last two times I’ve estimated. :frowning: This stuff is complex!


Do u have any time range when the patch will come out?


Darn, lol I saw deathbyexposure asked the same question but I couldn’t resist trying anyways.