Too many "Hints / Pop up help" icons


First of all, i’m loving Evolve!

One huge gripe i have though is the constant icons, pop-ups and help tips popping up.

I usually play the Monster. When you disturb birds, its like an instant beacon to the monster, which i totally understand…but i believe it should be up to the hunters, to look up and actually see the birds rising in the air and think ’ hey lets head that way, probably a monster that disturbed birds’ not a GIANT BEACON BLINKING IN YOUR FACE SAYING HEY HE’S OVER HERE!!! It really breaks immersion.
Also the all of the minor hints and tips just clutter the screen, its popup overload. YES I KNOW TO EAT WILDLIFE TO ARMOR UP. I get it, I’ve played a few times…knock it off!!!

All in all, just its just too much. I’d like to see a more, use your senses and be IN the game, then being hand fed every single thing that happens.


Don’t worry, these go away as you level up. Lots of people don’t take to evolve’s gameplay intuatively, so these are there to coach them as they are getting started.


What level until they go away?

Personally I think they should do a hardcore game type where you have to look for tracks etc. It would have to be rebalanced but it was be awesome!


I don’t know exactly, but I noticed their frequency went down significantly the more I played. If I find the exact threshold, I’ll let you know!


Huh, i’m level 17 and i still have them. Like SpiritSharD says, you should have to look for tracks and dead wildlife, birds etc etc. I don’t even think it should be hardcore…that’s just how the game should be, your hunting a dam monster. Its too…arcade? i dunno, i just feel its way too much…go here! eat this! kill that! he’s over there! protect this! watch out for that! Am i playing the game, or in an everlasting tutorial?


They won’t get rid of the hints and make the game harder with actual tracking; not “casual friendly”.

Simply add Hardcore mode with rebalancing. There’s a hard more on L4D if I remember correctly. :slight_smile:


Also, to clarify on my OP.

I’m ok with the actual hunter dialog saying, ‘look some disturbed birds!’ But it should be up to the actual player to look up, and find the direction of said birds. (as if the sounds of the birds isn’t enough already)

I just don’t think there should be a ======>>> Monster this way =======>>>


Actually, until at least one hunter faces the birds, the large beacon blinking about it will not occur.


Apparently they disappear by you proving you know what you’re doing by taking the action they recommend. Not sure how frequently, but that’s what the devs stated.