Tony Abbott is no longer Prime Minister of Australia

Figured this could have its own thread.

He was either gonna lose the next election and be kicked out then or this would happen. He’d messed up too many times

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Another one bites the dust.

If he really was as bad as I hear, sounds like a toast is in order.

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Like a lot of Aussies, I don’t like how it all happened behind closed doors, but I’m also not sad he’s going. I don’t really follow politics as such, but looking from the side lines, all this in-party political backstabbing is a joke. The sad part is that its been happening for years now over here, and in both main parties.

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I think the appropriate answe is…




Goodbye, you great and inspirational leader. You shall be missed. Kappa.


He just seemed like a complete doughnut. How on earth did such a person gain this kind of power?


@MidnightRoses should be Prime Minister. She’d abuse it, yes but it would be hilarious.

Labor made a lot of mistakes, so his party one

And he got to lead his party by being a compromise between two factions

There’s another one where somebody asks him how the Chinese economy affects us or something, and Abbott says- and I quote- “Australia is a country of very good supermarkets.” The guys’ll like wtf m8 so he then says, “Yes, we have a very good chain of supermarkets supplied by the farmers.” That’s not identical to what he said but it’s very close.

now for the ruler of australia we need SAXTON HAAAAAAAALE

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Damn, and I thought us polititians were stupid

wait a sec looks outside yea, they’re still stupid.

Loooool how amateurish was that silence…? He was probably thinking of a answer and thought I’m looking like a dick better say something!

It’s funny cause here in the UK every politician has a answer for everything so it’s strange seeing Mr.abbot speechless, his brain must of froze or he wanted to knock 10 bells outa him!

By wearing tight red budgie smugglers. Yup, you heard me right. He took a leaf out of Putin’s manly macho book.

@MidnightRoses made you look! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: (yup, I’m bored :smile: )

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I remember Abbot saying he’s gonna take Putin in a fistfight. Yes Tony we from a place full of dangerous thing that tried to eat us but Putin is ex KGB who knows mixed martial arts…he will mess you up if you tried.

I give no shit abt politics these days. The only reason I hit up that voting system is to ensure dumb bogan bitches like Pauline Handson don’t have shit to say abt running this country.

Saxton Hale for Prime Minster. Fuk labour Fuk Liberal SAXTON IS THE TRUTH.