Tongue grab


Quite a few times now I’ve landed the tongue, yanked the hunter… And they just use their jetpack to nullify it instantly.

I don’t know if the is is intended because when IVE been tongue grabbed with full fuel I still get pulled to the monster. If you can just boost back when grabbed it kind of makes the skill useless doesn’t it?


I think it only works once the tongue lets you go and you fly toward Behemoth by momentum. Since the Wraith actually holds on to you the entire time they can’t get away. But the Behemoth has more of a grab and pull mechanic than a dart and reel.


Well…if that’s working as intended that’s a waste of an Ability. If you can just boost backward and stay where you were why would you EVER let it pull you?

I swear I’ve been grabbed with full fuel and despite all my attempts I flew to the monster and landed at his feet. Is there some kind of trick to breaking the pull and activating your jet pack?


Unless it is bugged, it would be something similar to lighting strike where you get them to waste their fuel and then grab them.

I haven’t been grabbed by a Behemoth yet so I can’t say. But let’s see @MajorLeeHyper or @MrStrategio can clue us in as to whether or not this is a bug or working as intended.


If you jetpack back from a tongue grab you don’t seem to go back so much as stay in place. THe thing with behemoth is to chain, so after that tongue grab, rockwall them in and fissure them :stuck_out_tongue:


Well that WAS the plan but it was a case of “tongue grab: ok get ready to rock wall…Nope jet pack back to the ledge I was on.”


Well from what I’ve found, you can’t. I feel like when I try to jetpack back, it doesn’t work


Its bugs some times and it will not drag the target full lenght. its supposed to drag the target next to you, so there you go.


It seems like it has a 50% success rate. At least for me. It’s hard enough to aim as it is.


I’ve noticed this too. Not sure if it’s intended, but I really end up feeling that it’s not very good at pulling people unless you target someone without jetpack energy.