Tongue Grab vs Abduction?

  1. which is more reliable?
  • worth the point and effort put into it and easier to land.
  1. which has more utility?
  • More uses hunting, and Cc
  1. Which is actually fun to use?
  • subjective but still, we’re covering all bases.

Neither. They’re both bugged to high hell and back again.

Abduct has better range for hunting, but Tongue kills them with the impact and is faster, plus you aren’t locked into an animation and won’t trigger birds and the like.

Abduct, IMO. Nothing like a 104 meter steal on Laz.

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Do we really need the 100 metre range on Abduction?

It’s very useful…When it works.

Abduction’s reliability seems as if it’s all over the place. The hit box is absolutely massive, to the point where the Wraith can physically miss her target yet still abduct them, yet, it seems to really pick and choose when it actually works.

The hitbox is really big, yet half the time it doesn’t grab them. Sometimes it does damage and doesn’t grab, sometimes it grabs without damaging. Sometimes it damages TWICE. It’s ridiculously inconsistent.

I always max out abduction for that sweet range. I’d love it was a skillshot and not a luck based skillshot, though.

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you spelled abSUCKt wrong

I like abduct. ;_;

Yeah, I’ve noticed that Abduction seems to be a lottery with every use.

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I like it too, but its unreliable, fickle, STUPID nature makes me want to punch Wraith in her eyeless ugly face.

Also yes, I appear to have misspelled “AbSUCK.” Must be a typo.

I dunno. The one good thing about Abduct is that the Hunters can play a game of Russian Roulette with it, since they’ll have no idea if it’ll work as intended, not work at all, or just deal damage.

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Abduct won’t grab stationary hunters.

It fricking should…


Alan Grant confirmed for tier 6 trapper!

“Don’t move, its effectiveness is based on movement.”

I agree, but it’s like a “you should know that it specifically won’t work against standing hunters”

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@Shin There’s your issue, actually. That’s why you were unable to take me earlier, Abduct won’t snatch still hunters.

That is completely ridiculous… 3/4 of my abducts that game, and more in others. -.-

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Hold up. People are choosing tongue grab over abduct? Crazy talk.

Abduct has issues dealing appropriate damage, but it seems to almost always pull the hunter to you when you don’t clearly miss. You just aim above your target and you almost always get it.

Tongue grab will show that your target is going to get hit, then do absolutely nothing. If Your target is standing above you on a cliff, that tongue is going to hit the cliff edge every damn time. Hunters can sometimes just jetpack boost away after being hit by the tongue so it does nothing useful.

Tongue grab leaves you standing there while the animation completes. Abduct let’s you fly through the map at top speed and break through mines unaffected.

Abduct seems vital to the wraith play style while tongue grab can be avoided entirely as behemoth.

Completely unnecessary, and we have a rule against such references.

Well can I remove the reference and just put the video of it?