Tongue Grab reticle revealing cloaked hunters intended?

As sunny I encountered a Behemoth who would hide in small caves and just hold down the tongue grab aim around corners. This was surprisingly effective and I decided to cloak to go into a cave, and you guessed it, tongue grabbed an walled and killed.

I really dont have trouble dodging tongue grab at all, but I was just wondering if it was designed to negate my cloak?
Does wraith have an indicator on abduct? I see tongue grab working alot like abduct, and if theres no indicator on abduct I dont feel there should be one on tongue grab, as far as cloak is concerned.

Would making the tongue grab hit indicator not work on cloaked hunters be feasible? Im primarily hunter player so maybe im biased, was just wondering if working as intended.

and 4 the trouble heres a fox tongue grab

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I think this is intended, it’s the same way pounce and aftershock reveal them.


Correct. Pretty sure MacMan mentioned it at some point.


Last time I played behemoth it didnt show them while they where cloaked… who cares :confused:

Well it’s supposed to apparently, who the fuck gives a shit


The only thing that I have noticed is that the circle for tongue grabbing gets smaller.

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All Ive noticed is that its easier to land and therefore easier to win as behemoth because of how powerfull of a melee monster he is…

All I know is that he is EXTREMELY easy to hit and take health away. That’s why he has a high damage output.

Just ask my mortars :wink:


Don’t forget about the beautiful flame breath! :wink:

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Oh you, Torvald loving Maniac!

But that one is obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

How would have Goliath liked it if you left out firebreath! How would you feel if bucket left out his sentry guns! He must be introduced every where! Even if they are obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree, but you can’t say “It’s obvious that tongue grab makes invisible hunters visible” That’s why the Soul made the thread in the first place :smile:

But yes, I feel bad for poor Goliath :goliath_roar:

Woo woo woo, if you can quote me on that… You win lol



Yeah its intended but if they took it out i wouldnt mind. I really dont use it to reveal cloaked hunters

It makes bubbles :slight_smile: and bubbles give away hunter. Behemoth eats hunter! Muhahahaha

Yeah it makes the bubbles on wildlife as well XD

but aftershock doesn’t show up loack hunters anymore, for about two title updates now.

I still experience it

what the… freaking. …

Does he still have that glowing ball around the hunters when their inside aftershock? because for me that glow (halo) hasn’t showed up for almost two updates now… it used to be able to reveal hunters even slims spore cload but now they hyde the hunters even more.

@majorleehyper is it(aftershock) meant to reveal hunters glowing or not?