Tongue Grab canceled out by double-tap jetpack burst?


At least twice yesterday I was tongue grabbed by Behemoth, he starts to pull me towards him but then I jetpack burst (double-tap) in the opposite direction and I canceled out his tongue grab. I’m 100% sure the tongue grabs connected on me because I was being pulled forward a little bit before escaping.


I think its based on range…When I get tounge grabbed mid range I cannot jet out of it…If its a farther range sometimes I can get out of it…But I did notice it is sometimes escapable.


Well he doesn’t have a grip on you after it connects. At that point you’re just flying through the air. This gives you time to fly.


You should be “flailing” though, just like getting hit by rock throw or a heavy attack “stuns” you, the tongue should be stunning you the whole trip back to Behemoth. The animation shows the hunter doing the “stunned” animation of flailing limbs.

If it’s not, it’s a bug.


Yeah I shouldn’t be able to jetpack away after being hit with it, but I am. Tongue grab is already frustrating enough with it being negated after hitting so much as a leaf lol, but now it’s even escapable…


Tongue Grab might be the easiest Monster ability to dodge in the game, even easier than Banshee Mines. When he lines it up you don’t even have to dodge, you can just side-step in any direction on foot, then only when he pulls you at fairly close range are you actually locked in to where you’ll land at his feet - most of the time it pulls you in the air towards him but you can jetpack dodge in any direction. If I was a Monster player that would probably be the ability I do without so the other 3 are more powerful, because the damage is low, it’s easy to avoid, and it’s easy to escape from most of the time. It’s not like Rock Thow where when it does connect it does major damage, and it’s not like Abduction where you can aim high and it’ll still grab a Hunter under the target - it’s low damage, low chance of success. You really need to use something else to set it up, like Fissure.


If he does it from quite a distance you recover during flight and can start jet packing before you reach him.


^ this is a bug then. There is no way TRS wanted it to work this way. Can you jetpack out of a Wraith’s hands when she abducted you? No, you can’t. So you shouldn’t be able to do it against Behemoth.



Is this intended or a bug? I too would like to know because nothing is more frustrating than getting a successful tongue grab (while sitting and being vulnerable to damage) only to have your target jet pack away yet you still took damage and your target is not at your feet. Kind of a bummer.


Ya, I currently don’t use Tongue Grab with Behemoth atm just because it isn’t reliable :stuck_out_tongue:


Tongue grab can be comboed into any ability though. I usually just roll up to relatively close range, hit it and dish out the combo.

Pounce, Lavabomb, Rockwall, Fissure. Your followup with always connect.


Perhaps have it disable the jetpack for a few seconds after?


Not if they dodge, which is really easy to do, or the Hunter just jetpacks away before they land like the OP is talking about, which is frequently possible. It’s great that 25% of the time when it works out, but the success rate is pretty low.


Dunno I didn’t have people jump out yet, but I only put a point into the tongue so my range isn’t that great. Maybe it is range depended.


I originally thought it would act with hunters how it reacts with wildlife like mammoth birds


I wonder why wildlife gets damaged twice and hunters only once.


The only thing I can think of is that Wildlife doesn’t have the ability to ‘jump’ or get off the ground. My theory is that the game treats it as falling damage as there is no other way to define a wildlife from being in the air.


True but I feel rather tongue should do more damage (not by much though) or pull hunter all the way to behemoth because I’m sick of hunters jumping out of tongues


The damage is fine, the jetpacking out is unintended and will be fixed.


I wish they would increase the speed of the pull on long ranges. Dunno for me it makes no sense to put more than 1 point into it. It suffers the same problems as abduction.

The damage per point is neglectable compared to all other skills, the range increase also means that i might need to wait for like 5 seconds before the hunters comes to me which is insane.