Tomorrow I want to tell my boss I am ending in work. Any advices?

Sup comunity, I need bit of your help now .

So to describe my situation:
I am working as “economist” ( thats the word that describes my job most accurate ) in a company.
Just me and my boss in office.

During time I have been working , it has been very stressfull experience for me.

So tomorrow I would like to end it.

Whats the best way to tell ?

This is first my firsr time leaving a job .


It’s always best not to burn bridges no matter the situation. Give your two weeks in a manner that’s professional (“I found another opportunity that better matches my career goals”, etc). If you have any issues with your current job and the offer an exit interview, that’s the time to bring them up, but again, bring them up in a professional manner. All in all, just make sure no bridges burn.


Thanks, not burning bridges is a good idea .

Goosh I am so stressed right now…

Be respectful, be calm, and make sure to put it in writing. Good luck!


It’s not really that bad. If your boss is a decent person they should either try to get you to stay (usually by trying to offer a raise) or just say congrats. Even if that doesn’t happen it’s not that bad, give your two weeks in a manner that’s going to make your two weeks not horrible (you do still have to work with these people for a bit longer). Just use lots of PC language.

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A two weeks heads up is the best. It gives your boss time to either adjust or to fill your position. Always be polite and don’t burn bridges because you might need a recommendation or something later.

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If you don’t leave the room like this

You will bring dishonor


my advice is higher paying jobs indeed do callbacks on your past employers. so never end it bad.

when he asks why your resigning say something like this isnt what I want to be doing currently in my life or say you wish to pursue other avenues of work. never list your complaints lol.


Yeah, give fair notice, be reasonable, put it in writing so that if he makes any claims as to how you have left that aren’t true you have the evidence to the contrary. At the end of the day people have every right to choose to move on from their job because they want a change or a new challenge. Even if you’re leaving because of your boss or the job with him, tell him that you’ve valued your experience with him and that you just need to move on to new grounds!


Ok, thanks all for advice :slight_smile:

Hope everyrhing will be fine tomorrow…


Good luck friend! :smile:

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Play the game until the end.


Oh shit, Good Luck man. I hope it goes well for you.

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Definitely agree with @turwaith on everything he’s said. Also, if this is the first time leaving a job then I’m assuming this is either your first proper job in your chosen profession or maybe second at most. Although you dislike the situation enough to leave it’s very important that you use this as an opportunity in disguise, as you will want to get a reference to help you later on.

New employers will prefer to have someone they can contact to verify that what you say in your next interview is actually true regarding your demeanour, attitude, ability to work with others, etc. Also, as a complete aside, my current Operations Manager was actually our HR advisor when I was hired. He said much later on that he always checked a person’s Facebook page before hiring them to get a better idea of what they are like as a person. So if you have lots of things posted that might be considered offensive or even just borderline, now might be a good time to cull it before looking for your next job.

I’ve been working for my current employer for 4 ½ years now and I handed in my resignation last week. It’s never easy but if you can do it professionally and in good standing (and restrain yourself should you feel the desire to burn a bridge or two) then you will be placing yourself in a far better situation later on. Things can follow you out the door if you’re not careful, so now is the time to manage and minimise those things. I’m sure you can find a workplace that you will enjoy. They do exist! :smile:

I’ll be finishing up here in a few weeks time and I start my next job a week and a half later. Let us know how it goes for you there! Good luck!


Follow these steps precisely!

1: slap your boss
2: flip him both birds
3: yell I QUIT really loud
4: go into a teleporter to your happy place

Any questions? :smirk: :wink:

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ah man dunno what to do now…

offer is 8€/1hr … average in my country is 3-4€/1hour…

Is the money worth the stress ? :confused:

Only you can decide that one, friend.


Like most of the mature comments here you should be diplomatic and show respect.
However…if you want your boss to tell you it’s not working out then start bringing a cat into work everyday that lives in a basket attached to your back. Sing to it and let out lots of random meows, keep asking your boss if they know much about cat clothes or should you buy a metal kettle over a plastic one.

You’ll soon be out the door

I forgot to ask, do you have a job lined up already?