Tom Clancy's The Division


Decided I’d make a topic for this game as it’s one I’m really looking for.

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Nope. 2 busy ogling at Ghost Recon


Lol gotta see that one in a bit


it looks ok. but will it be full on ark/daylight style? i REALLY dont want to lose my entire character because my friend decided to douchebag it and betray us.


I’m more excited for siege


Looked decent, wasn’t too thrilled with the demo but it looks like a solid game so far. Not a fan with the scripted voice chat, they were trying way too hard.


Yeah I really hope we get to keep our s***.


You can you only lose Dark Zone items when you die in a Dark Zone so we good :smile:


You sure? And what about when you extract do you get to keep it forever?


I just picture tons and tons of griefing when people meet eachother. It looked better last year, but we’ll see. This game is still on my radar, but I’m having a Watch Dogs feeling towards this game for some reason now… :frowning:


Yeah, I’m worried how this is gonna be handled. I can imagine anyone with a good piece of loot he’ll be shot instantly and the whole city being a item loot deathmatch.


I just want everyone to know i will not betray them near the end and take their loot. I super pinky swear, so just make sure you have your back turned to me when trying to escape.


reminds me of destiny’s grind…

“hes got a Ghallajorn?! KILLLLL”

and that is the object of the game. sit area drop areas and wait for scrubs to get the loot for you. then rape them and send them tons of hatemail.


Sorry for the long reply but yes they have confirmed you only lose gear you earn from a Dark Zone if you die in a Dark Zone.

If you extract your gear is safe as long you are not in a Dark Zone.

The way Dark Zones work is whether you already had dark zone gear or just found gear you will lose it if you die in a dark zone. So basically all your gear is safe except Dark Zone gear which you will always lose if you die in a Dark Zone.


That gameplay video really turned me off from the game. I was extremely excited about it before, but it’s just not going to be played as they are portraying it.

I wish people behaved like rational human beings in a sandbox game, but that group of three would have been hit by grenades and turrets and sniper fire before they had an opportunity to see the other human players. You’re rewarded for killing on site in those games.


agreed. there will be zero “talks”. try hard 100%ers or grinders will not sacrifice time for valuable items. they will run through every group they see and loot them to see what they got.

then the playerbase will realize there is no point in negotiating with terrorists. and it will become a 3rd person COD all over again. hey sounds a little like the real world lol.


And that’s why you never trust pubs.
They’ll stab you in the back the second they get a chance.
That’s why you get trust worthy people, and shoot on sight. Just skip the betrays before they start. :smiley:


I’m not gonna hate on anyone that wants this game or anything, but in my opinion, they showed this game a year too early at best, and it’s overstayed it’s welcome. It’s STILL 9 months out, and this is the third e3 it’s been at. That’s… crazy. Also, between the three Tom Clancy games coming, Siege looks sick, this looks good, and Ghost Recon looks like the best of both worlds. Not enough diversity among the three of the. Also, the player chatter in the Division demos is so beyond irritating. It sounds very contrived and pretentious to me. :confused: Liked that little surprise at the end though!


So anybody ready for the beta coming up next week?



I have no code or email or anything about the beta.