Tom Clancy's 'The Division' - Answering Questions


Since I’ve dumped a bunch of hours into the closed beta which just recently ended for The Division and it’s one of the biggest games coming out next month I’ll answer questions to anyone on the fence about getting it, concerns or need an opinion on the game.


Is there a single player mode?


If you’re talking about separate single player campaign mode there isn’t one. But the closest thing to a campaign is their “Main Missions” which involves rebuilding your Base of Operations by retrieving important people trapped in other parts of the city which reveals more information about the story.

Main Missions can be done solo or with a party if you want and just about everything else in the game.

There’s also lore that can be searched for around the city in the form of ECHOs, which are holographic projections that reveal events of what happened during the outbreak.

Example of an ECHO:


Think of it like destiny. You can play any part of the game solo or co-op.


Ok. Thank you.

@Therubexcube Destiny can be played solo? I thought it was multiplayer only.


The majority of destiny can be played solo. It’s all online but you don’t need people to play through The story missions. You do need people to play strikes and raids sadly though.


The back of the PS4 box says online play required. Hopefully they change that, cause that would be misleading info. Thanks man!


How customizable is you character as far as visuals, clothing and gear? What changes as you level up in the game?


I am gonna help the OP with this if he wouldn’t mind.

Any way to answer your question: As far as clothing goes you can pick up certain items pertaining to just appearance so you can make yourself look however you want if you have the required clothing item.

Next about the visuals when it comes to gear, whenever you pick up new gear it will sometimes have a completely different look than other gear you pick up and you will notice a different. For example a certain backpack you get and equip could have red coloring and black stripes, and if you get a different backpack it will sometimes look completely different from the one you were wearing. (Sorry if i didn’t answer your question I am not the best when it comes to explaining things.)

Lastly about what gear you can have. (Hopefully this is what you meant) When it comes to gear you have 6 options: Body, Mask, Knee Pads, Boots, Holster, and Backpack and for Weapons you have 3 options; Primary, Secondary, and Pistol. The rules of RPG start to take place here like certain gear gives certain stats upgrades and de-buffs but you are able to choose whichever one freely as long as you pick the corresponding gear. To put it simly everything works like an RPG (I.E DPS, Accuracy, Total Damage etc.)

Just think RPG and you should be fine. The higher you are the better gear you will get and the more you will start to learn what play style you prefer to use.

TL:DR: To put it simply this game is more RPG based than Destiny and if you have played MMORPGs than you know what to look for in this game, but if you haven’t I suggest reading this even if you were lazy to not read it.


Just to expand on cosmetic customization there’s also a separate inventory of just cosmetic items that drop as Cyan colored items in the game world. These items have no stats and only affect the visual look of your character. These include jackets, hats, pants, scarfs, shoes, etc.

There will also be clothing vendors in the game.


Thanks @Hal0 @Slewey! You guys answered perfectly.


Network is required to play. It doesn’t have an offline mode.


Ohhhhh. I assume it’s the same for the Division as well?


Yes it is.


Ok, thanks.


Going to go with some of the broad strokes here…

  1. Is it fun?

  2. Are there any Pay-to-Win aspects?

  3. What are the best qualities about the game? (loot system, coop, PvP, etc?)

  4. What are the worst qualities of the game? (stat differences in PvP, PvE to easy, etc?)

  1. The common answer to that question I’ve given to several people is that if you liked Borderlands, you’ll enjoy ‘The Division’, since that’s the best comparison (if you’re on PC). They’re both RPG loot-driven shooters in an open world, but ‘The Division’ does the open world aspect much better from a technical standpoint since there’s almost no loading screens except for when you die or fast travel.

Also, the Dark Zone is fun and extremely tense due to mix of PVP/PVE and being under threat of being killed by a player and having your loot stolen or vice versa. It adds a nice element to the game that Borderlands also lacked.

  1. As far as I know there’s no pay to win. There’s your typical season pass DLC which includes several post launch expansions.

  2. As mentioned there’s almost no loading screens, everything is seamlessly connected and elements that do require loading are cleverly disguised. Coop is pretty easy and you can hop in and out of missions with a simple matchmaking system and this also applies to PVP if you want to group up in the Dark Zone, the social features that I experienced in the beta were limited but functional and simple. The coop makes for a great game with buddies.

The Dark Zone is one of the best multiplayer experiences I’ve went through. There’s going to be times where someone comes and kills you for your loot, but the incredibly tense “is this player a friend or foe?” atmosphere makes it highly enjoyable. It also caters to PVE/Coop players since enemy NPCs are twice as strong in the DZ, have higher quality drops and the fact that if you have a full party it deters players from killing and stealing your loot.

The loot system is pretty standard with the grey, green, blue, purple and orange item system to differentiate them by quality like most RPGs. You find guns and can also find mods like scope, foregrips, magazines, compensators, etc and attach them to your guns. There’s also armor items that give stat bonuses that are randomized as well. There’s also purely cosmetic items that give no stats but only change the look of your character as well.

  1. For negatives in the Dark Zone the Rogue system could use some tweaks. If I’m alone and being followed by two players who actually want to kill me I basically can’t do anything unless I:

A) Kill them first and put myself in Rogue status which marks me on the map for everyone to come find and kill me and live until the Rogue timer goes to 0. Even if I shoot first in self defense against hostile players I’m punished.

B)Let them damage me first to have THEM marked as Rogue and then try to kill them, but the downside is they get the first drop on me, but the upside is that I’m not marked Hostile.

Another negative is the lack of end game information when you’re max level. There’s rumors of Raids but are unconfirmed and won’t know until the game is launched.


Good to know, thanks for all the info. Been on the fence, hearing lots of good and bad things, so I was interested in your take on it.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


They should have done an alien theme they could have done way way waaaaayyy more with the game. They are extremely limited to what they can do with the game because it will always just be humans your fighting in the end.

Right now it’s kind of silly in my opinion the way the game works. Why does a regular human in a hoodie take so many bullets to kill? It’s super unrealistic the way the game is right now…to the point it’s silly really.

Just picture the game the way it is now but with aliens instead and picture some sort of L4D2 type deal where you get
to play the aliens vs the humans. Admit it this is what The Division should have been.


Pretty much every shooter ever made.