Toiletwraith's stream thread :3


I has the better interwebs!

Link is in the above sentence :3


What are you streaming? In general and right now?


Evolve, right now, taking the new connection for a spin :smiley:


Aha, I turn in to immediately see you obliterating a team as a Clownfish Wraith. Good stuff, I’ll follow.
Evolve needs more streamers.


I’ll watch it on the past broadcasts, as I’m at work now. :smile:

@Rickvs is right. Evolve does need more streamers, so I’ll follow.


Congratz on the better interwebs.


Thanks for all who tuned in :B Will stream some other time, but for now, I must make foods!


Stream is up! Just messing around tonight including @10shredder00 and @RustyReviewsGaming >_>


Tonight? It’s like 4pm where it matters…


jk obvs


It’s 10:12pm here ;_;


Stream’s up, Evolve again :DDD


Its like… A massive bump…

HELLO FOLKS! Quick question, hope you’ll answer, I’ll put it in a poll form.
I’m gonna head out to the store to pick a thaang up, but, when I get back I was planning on maybe streaming some Goat Simulator. Would anyone be interested in watching? Face cam and all!

  • Goat Simulator, yasssssss, do it!
  • TW, No. Just… I’ll pass.

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Will be swearing included?


Why play Goat Simulator when you can get knocked around by Nomads instead?


Maybe, I think a lot of “Wtf” will be involved


Nomad simulator necessary


It’s weird to set up because if I even so much as tab out once it turns into a black screen, guess I’m playing filthy windowed mode then >:l

Edit; Nope, wait, I fixeded it.


Oooh very well , then I am in >:D