Toiletwraith monster adaption


The wraith adaption needs to be Toilet wraith.

Her back has Toilet lid instead of spikes, her arms are flushers and her body looks like a sewer.

Flushing abduct- Wraith has a shorter rang in abduct but grabs the hunter and swirls back and pulls any other hunter in its radius to her spot in a toilet flushing manner leaving a trail of poison clouds.

Clogged blast- Wraith warps forward a short distance but the explosion created leaves sewage puddle or bubble dealing DOT.

Toxic decoy- weaker and does less damage it applies DOT, it also explodes upon death dealing big damage.

Toxic nova- like supernova but slower, but it applies a DOT effect and slow effect on hunters.


Oh my jesus lord.


Whats wrong it seems like a great adaption idea :slight_smile:


That is more fitting idea for behemoth variant.

did you know behe means poop in latin?
moth means rolling

pooprolling kek


They already created Pink Hyde, who’s to say this Adaption couldn’t be for you?


Yes TRS pls make this an adaption.


I see no resemblance


No the wraith is fused with the toilet, thus making a Toiletwraith.


Isn’t it already toxic?