ToiletWraith and Jedi_Warrior join the Leaders


We’re happy to announce that @ToiletWraith and @Jedi_Warrior have joined the TRS Forum Leader team! Please join us in congratulating them on this supportive position. We hope to see great things come from them. Please give them the same respect and support that we do with regards to their new responsibilities.

The existing Leaders used several methods in determining who would join them next, but most importantly, they are both fine examples of outstanding community members and continue to make this a better place for all those that visit.

Currently, we’re not looking for any other Leaders, but that doesn’t mean we won’t need them in the near future. Anyone who is active, friendly and helpful has the potential to become a Leader and may be put forth as a nominee.

Current Leaders:

  • ToiletWraith
  • Jedi_Warrior
  • Niaccurshi
  • The_CreatorX
  • THISaint
  • Sannom

Two New Moderators Join The Crew

I don’t know why I’m awake at this hour, so before going to sleep…

A welcome hug!!!Congrats!

Love you both!!
Goes to sleep


Congrats you two! :smiley_cat:


Congrats you guys! If only there was a round of applause emoticon…


Congrats to both of ya :slight_smile:



smileycat always works for me XD


Congrats you two. Make us proud. ^^;;


Congratulations :clap:


Can i nominate Katt for next promotion?


I second this nomination! :D


I would like that too ^^
Oreos for all! >.<

And Congrats to the two of you guys >.<


I thought leaders weren’t allowed to eat Oreos?


Congratulations @Jedi_Warrior, now knighted as Jedi_Leader!!! And @ToiletWraith, now dubbed ToiletLeader!!! :smile:


well leaders arent supposed to mess with time and space either, but you seem to have no problem doing it


She will lead the toilets to the promised land


Congratulations to the two of you!!! :smiley: :confetti_ball: You were already leaders and now you are Leaders, hehe, if you know what I mean!? :wink:

So how about we get this celebration party started, uh!? :smile:



This is one of the many reasons I shall never be leader.

However, in dimension B-523 I’m a cab driver!!!


Conga rats!

Quite literally. :wink:


Sweet, now we have a moderator most commonly associated with “Suck my lightning dick!”.