Toilet Comics - ToiletLennox

Would really like to do some fun comics of the hunters in their off times when they’re not hunting monsters someday.



I learned how to do comic strips and am really tempted into making this an actual thing. :laughing:

@ToiletWraith I have decided I shall be called ToiletLennox now.

@SledgePainter and @LadieAuPair because @TheMountainThatRoars told me they love fan art.

@moiser I have a few ideas for Caira, but I’ll need your input on it.


Is this just gonna be pictures of all the evolve characters with their heads popping out of toilets?




No, the toilet is just for Lennox. But I like the name Toilet Comics for when I get series about making more.

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Oh, fanfiction with Moiser, thats gonna be fun.


Nothing ‘suggestive’ though,

Just… don’t bother with it, You’re gonna kill her in some horrible way again :s

Yaaas that is great, two thumbs up!

I’m both frightened and concerned what shall become of this…


I didn’t want this. D:

Worth it lol

Good god man… How will this turn out? I’m intrigued to see.

My eyes! @_@

I’m really intrigue as well.

@Matthew please make this canon. :laughing:

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Someone get the flamethrower.

I believe the flame thrower is still with Toiletwraith… Dun’t know when she gon be done with it.

Well, they better do it fast. I’m paranoid about xenomorphs.

you mean Lennoxmorphs?

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Hey, you mentioned Caira in something without saying anything negative about her. See? It’s not that hard :smile:

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I’m scared
hold meeeeeeeeee

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