Toggleable Flashlight


Anyone else ever notice the plain as day flashlight that is always on your HUD?

I feel there should be an option to turn that off by pressing ‘F’ or something. Just a small suggestion for a minor detail.


Like in Left 4 Dead you mean?


Yeah, that would be pretty neat.
S’all I got. Carry on.


Eh, I don’t see the point.
What would it provide to the gameplay?


Less annoying visuals in my opinion. It’s just annoying to see constantly especially when it makes texture and things appear lower in quality.


I hardly ever notice it myself, and I don’t think it’s important enough to gameplay to have a control for it. It’d be better off as an option to turn off and on in the settings.

Plus, I don’t know if there’s a button on consoles available to do what you’re suggesting.