Today marks the coming of a new era... A new age... A new profile pic

It has come. We all knew it would. For centuries we have patiently and fearfully awaited the day when it would come. We knew what this was. We knew what it would do, how it would affect us, our children, our children’s children.

But we never thought it would be like this.

Yes. It is here. Today is the day that our lord, our protector, our CHAMPION, would transcend. Morph. Transform. Evolve. Today is the day that Rapterror, lord of the regulars, changed his profile picture.

What was once R is now Pengoo. And Pengoo shall rule. Pengoo is all. Pengoo is love. Pengoo is life. All bow to Raptengoo… Pengterror? Idek. And may god have mercy on all those who stand in his way. And may god have mercy on those who will follow his way.

this is basically my way of saying I changed my profile pic


Good icecream, i aproove.

Good luck with that. ^.-

i c no icecream

This is madness… pingu, yet no ICECREAM ?


In my wake, there shall be many icecream breaks. What flavor, you ask?

duh blood of meh enemies flavor biatch

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This troubles me on a level not known to mortals

Okay… Where the fuck are my jimmy-rustle memes? Oh wait, here they are.



Peasant, the power level of that one is weak.

It was like thousands of jimmies were suddenly rustled…
…And then went silent.


bitch 1v4 no stasis me homeboii il go-all-liath on dat azz

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Scrub, ill rek u 1v1 val vs behemoth gg ez.

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I loved Pengoo! Wonderful cartoon. :slight_smile:

Bit ambitious, don’t you think? You’re already up against @MultiDavid and @Shin.

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bruh my behemoth game 2 strong. lemme giv it 2 u straight, which i no is a new experience 4 yu, butt i cant be beet by a scrubl0rd like yoself

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It’s okay, I wont stop argue with a friend; he can be leader of regulars if he wants.

Shin doesn’t like the power of being Regular God, and I do more Regular stuff than David.

Alright, so Shinny has stepped down. Later Shinji. But you still have Dave to compete with.

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Stop saying PENGU you HEATHENS.

What happens if we turn leader :smiley: ?