Toad monster idea


My idea for a new monster would be a Toad ! You can make a cool looking monster toad. it’s four abilities would be.

    1.Tongue whip. The tongue shoots out to grab a hunter.

    2.Corrosive Spit. The frog would spit puddles of acid on hunters that would be a DoT.
    3.Slime trail. As the toad moves it would put down slime that slows and also is poison.
    4.Bellow. The toad let's out a savage roar  that deals  soundwave damage.

                 Please let me know what you think
                           Thank you.


Wrong topic, brosky. Fixed.


Ohh my bad thx


No problem.


Megamouth is one big ugly toad^^


Behemoth has a few of these features:

  • Tongue Whip (he basically has this :smiley: )
  • Corrosive Spit (he throws lava rocks that explode into smaller chunks on impact)

However the other two are uniquely your Toad. I think they have merit. Decent suggestion :slight_smile:


Ya I see now lol ! back to the drawing board.


Lol well there is a megamouth toad like NPC monster!