To TRS: Is there any chance that Evolve will run @60 FPS on the new PS4 NEO?


Hello guys and TRS,

there are rumors about the new PS4K.

  • The new PS4K has twice as much powerful GPU as the current PS4.
  • The PS4K has a more powerful CPU as the current PS4.

So I make it short: Sony or whoever said something like:
"The Developers have to adjust the games a little bit that the games can use the more power of the PS4K. So its not out of the box more performance but the devs can adjust the games a bit to get more power out of the PS4K" <== Its not a quote!

So, are there any plans to make a “better” version of Evolve for the PS4K?
In other words: Do you plan to make use of the more powerful PS4K for Evolve?

If you would do it. I would instantly buy a PS4K :smiley: - I am very excited about the future of console gaming and Evolve.

Some sources:


I don’t know what the specs the ps4k are, or the ps4, but if you can find the specs compare them to the minimum requirements for evolve.


I wonder how much adjusting “a little” actually is.
I feel like that statement oversimplifies what has to be done.


And here I am, tapping away…



I wouldn’t go asking questions like this until there is confirmation of the PS4K. As it stands right now, it’s still just a rumour, and should be treated as such.


Xb1 will get hardware Upgrade . I’d like to upgrade just for Evolve if it can run 60 FPS


Wouldn’t this depend more on the available playerbase and its interest, instead of just releasing it blindly?


Some rumors talking about just a flag. Nor more than 10 Code lines.
Sony cant activate it by default cause they not know if all games would rund good with more frame rates and so on. Cause that you have to “activate” the new power for your game. But as I said rumors…

But its almost confirmed!
Here some sources:

Who on console wouldnt wish 60 FPS? Its like if you reject a gift.


I don’t believe that. Console versions likely have those settings hard-coded and thus would require a title update. Which we know is far from simple.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.


Yes for sure but a title update with not that much code lines changed. But atm we all dont know.

Its not Xbox 360 or PS3 where update costs a lot. On PS4 and XBO its just push the update, let them review done. Its not that hard as in the past anymore.

In Cry Engine its a “.cfg” File which can be changed for every plattform. But we all dont know how TRS implemented it…


But gifts are free. I doubt any small studio would be able to afford releasing a thing again, for free. Especially if there’s not much demand for the game. Mind you, I love Evolve and I want people to play it, but without more popularity I don’t see this happening.


It needs no re release. It could be prepared in the summer patch. On PS4K you can play the same game with other PS4 players…

They will release a summer patch so they not giving Evolve up, what is great. It could be in there, it doesnt need that much changes if you listen the rumors in special forums.


Hold on guys!
Maybe this is the theory why the summer patch is pushed back.

The following are highly speculated and only comes out of my mind. Maybe its completely bullshit!

What is if Sony stopped all further review processes because of the new upcoming PS4K. So TRS maybe cant push a new Evolve build until the PS4K has released. And maybe even Sony told TRS that they have to make sure that Evolve will run as well on the PS4K. So maybe thats it, why the summer patch is pushed back.


Is this not just an April fools…? If you want to get people good, you do it with some build up. Start rumours a little before the actual date.


Who seriously is going to buy it if it’s true (ps4k),this ps4 is only a few years old and is supposed to last at least 5 years,fook sony if they pull this stunt because i for one will not be buying it because most devs aren’t going to waste their time developing for it anyway when the mass market will be on the OG unit


Slightly off topic, but am I the only one who finds it amusing that consoles seem to turn more and more into PC’s?


I honestly have a hard time believing a console will run AAA games at 4K with decent frame rates and keeping it affordable. Just doing that on PC requires a decent set up.

I was under the assumption the PS4K was suppose to be a 4K video player.


I highly doubt that Sony would care if evolve could run on the ps4k. Evolve has a small playerbase and other games would be a higher priority. I think the legal issues with the title update are either a free to play announcement or a re-release of evolve.


Me! Every version, even if they would release a new version every year! I like graphic updates!

Yes and it will do! Your old PS4 will be able to play all games but maybe not in Ultra High 60 FPS graphic!

If consoles would get upgradeable hardware or every year a new release it would be awesome cause you as a consumer can decide which Playstation you want to buy!

I hope not but we all dont know!

But still without Steam, Windows, Uplay, Mods and that stuff, so its still far away from a PC. If they really upgrade hardware on console it would erase one of the biggest disadvantages of console in my eyes namely the old hardware and so on…

4K is only for the movie video output but 1080p @60 FPS should be easily possible. That is all what I ask about.


Yeah, but why pick a console then? If you buy an upgrade every year, why not a PC?