To those who say the T4s are not over powered


Try playing as monster.


Without picking Kraken ^^


It’s still easy. Kill sunny, then slim, then torvald, the crow


I’ve beaten tier 4 hunters before as Goliath. Then again people will just say, “Well they must of not been good hunters.” Seem that is the number one excuse anyone uses on both sides. Torvald and Sunny are strong, yes. Overpowering? No. They do need a minor tweak/nerf.


Does this thread serve any purpose?


I’ve lost to more Goliaths than Krakens, that shotgunning…


I’ve done well… Im #1 Goliath Global for Xbox One. They are easy… What makes them easier is when you use Kraken. T4 is meant for Close Quarter combat. Hence the weapons they have.


I don’t think it does


Nor do I…


What to do…


I’ve done fine against them as Goliath. Torvald forces me to be more aware (Like I should). Sunny makes me play ring-around-the-hunter to negate her shield drone.

Then there’s Slim.


I truly wonder…




Focusing on the others with anything but Kraken will get you killed by Torvald’s mortars. Those things are really powerful people just don’t spam them enough.


How to dodge Torvald


Sunny makes playing the trapper way too easy, I can’t even enjoy it anymore because my domes are a guarantee. no counterplay to it as the monster either. The shield drone takes 5 melee hits at stage 3 to die which is ridiculous. Before you say just use abilities, there is no point cause as soon as I do that she’ll have another on up and I’m left with cooldowns
Torvald could use some tweaks, the shrapnel grenade is too spammy or the modifier should at least be a little elss then laz marks
Other 2 I dunno


I still win very reliably with Goliath, and behemoth as well.


To those who say Papa John’s isn’t good…

Try their pizza.


excuse me what?


It sounds like OP doesn’t know how to play monster very well… Change OP to “Try playing as the monster if your not very good at playing monster in the first place”