To the Griffins with the soundspike fetish


I know not all Griffin players out there a like this, but I encountered a significant number of Griffin players who have an absolute fetish for their soundspike.

Yeah I know its a cool tool to track the monster, but please for the love of our all mighty overlord Daisy, when we see the monster and are in the process of cutting it of… DON’T…PLACE…A…SOUNDSPIKE
It is not worth it to let the stage 1 Goliath (real gameplay experience) get away just because you insist that the little hill would look lovley with a soundspike.
If we are looking for the monster, be my guest plaster the map with spikes, but if we have already line of sight on the monster/ are in the reach of a dome just leave the spike in your poket.

As I said before I know not all Griffin players do that, but in the last few days a had the questionable pleasure to play with many soundspike lovers.


With Griffin as my main I can sort of relate to this fetish ^^

I usually communicate to my team when and where I’m gonna put them down though so everyone has a saying about my spikes.

But yeah, trap the monster and when domed put a hidden spike in there to hinder the monster from hiding :slight_smile:


Yeah thats perfectly good game^^

I have a problem with players who intentionaly split from the team to head in the opposite direction of the monster just for that 1 soundspike^^
I played with many very good Griffin players but every now and then I have to fight the urge to bash my head on my keyboard as the stage 1 monster cheerfuly hops away while our traper is equally cheerfuly placing his spikes :smile:



“Guys, Goliath is here! Trapper now! Throw the dome! Trapper?- …”

checks map

Trapper is on the other side…

Griffin: “Putting down a sound spike!”

Well I guess I was like that in the alpha :slight_smile:


I just unlocked him and I love covering the map with sound spikes.
Ill be the first to admit that I have done what you said a few times and Id like to very much apologize for my stupid antics.
Im sorry and it will not happen again.

Placing soundspikes is like crack! :smiley:

But no seriously I did do that a few times its that whole tunnel vision thing that happens occasionally, sorry. =/