To the Devs: Quality of Life Matchmaking


I support the idea of having more freedom in what you play and when you play it. This game is fantastic, but it looses a large amount of the appeal when you have to sacrifice your preferences as well as your fun factor when joining games randomly. Too many factors prevent me from ever having solid games, but there are 3 small changes I would suggest to instantly relieve a lot of pressure caused by current woes.

Let players turn off the function of joining games in progress. Load times can be killer, and joining a losing game or even a winning game that is almost over is detrimental to the experience. You don’t get even get a choice in your role in these cases and you play with what the bot has. Almost nobody likes this or enjoys having to deal with this, but some people want faster que times and would join matches (those good Samaritans). That being said, there is the issue of how easy it is to leave games and cause a rift in current matches. So…

Increase the time for re-queuing after leaving a match or lobby. I myself am guilty of leaving the lobby (a lot) because I am tired of getting monster 3 games in a row when I do not wish to play the monster. There is little stopping me from just backing out and just trying again. If I am doing it because of one role I dislike, how many others are doing it for not getting the ONE they wanted. This does mean that people will get stuck with roles they don’t like and no way to deal with that, but…

Finally, people should be able to toggle whether they play hunter or monster. I know when I sit down to play Evolve, I have a certain expectation and idea of what to expect from the game, and when I am shoehorned into monster over and
over, I get frustrated and the game instantly becomes a chore and I want to go do something else. A game should not invoke those feelings, even if there is a good cause. I understand you want people playing games as much as possible, but what good is playing when the experience is not enjoyable? If players could turn OFF the hunters or the monster, then they would at least get the side they prefer, and it would alleviate some stress.

All in all, what would this do for the game? Players would get to the option to join fresh games with their own loadouts if they don’t want to be dropped into a game that may or may not be already one-sided. Players would also have to be at least a little more content with the current status of a game either in lobby or in a game, because if they just rage or leave, there would be a penalty beyond a small wait time. Players would get to be what they wanted or at least the STYLE of the game they prefer every time they play. Of course, there will be the repercussions of much longer wait times, but all but the ragequit penalty are OPTIONS, and I for one, would gladly wait longer to have a game I would have fun playing than get repeatedly thrown into games where I don’t. If anyone got this far into my post, you are amazing and thank you for your time.

Disable “join in progress” option, pls. More severe penalties for ragequits, pls. Let people disable a style of gameplay,pls. Longer q times, sure, but better quality of content.


What they need is a looking for group que so any group leader can make the team he wants. Let him pick 4 assaults or 1 assault and 3 healers if he wants.

You don’t know how many games I get stuck in with a stupid Laz player who, when asked why he is playing Laz, responds with, “I am just trying to level up his perks”.

Let me have the ability to choose who I want on my team.


Yep, I’m saying the same thing. All I want to do (most of the the time) is play monster. Out of my recent multiplayer games I’ve been medic twice and assault twice. I don’t mind waiting, just let me play the game I want to play! If monster is either people’s 1st or 5th pref most of the time, why not just make it a separate queue?