To the Devs, and anyone who wants to hop in, who was your favorite Evolve character and why?

are there other characters than Bob? im confused…

My favourite just has to be Jack. The main reason for this being that I just relate to him so much, we’re nearly a carbon copy personality wise. That’s never happened to me with a game before, which me super happy. Also his repulsor is stupidly fun to use.

Some characters were more flushed out than others, and I’m not sure what all I’m allowed to say lol

It’s all good I feel ya. I’m just shocked that you guys had at least an idea of how you wanted him to look, considering that Corey didn’t actually know what time period he would exist in.

You occasionally go into mild bursts of Batman-like psychobabble?

He kind of looked like a more badass Dr Doom


Well, I dislike the concept and design of Doctor Doom as a whole, so that does not bode well for my hopes and dreams of Necro Laz. :joy: However, I did always envision him wearing like, a cloak of sorts for his adaptation.

Val was my favorite. I loved her kit and she had a cool attitude.

To be real, I could never get into Val. Her background was good, but I never really liked her design or gameplay. Still, she was a Medic, so I liked her a lot better than most other characters (I’m looking at you, every Support aside from Cabot!).

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Cabot was awesome. What got me for Val was the tranq and rifle. You could dish out some serious damage if nobody on the team needed healing.

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I prefer Medics who have more of a supportive role however, such as Emet and Laz. Damage is nice, but the satisfaction of sufficiently pissing off the monster by keeping everyone alive at once is what I yearned for.

Laz can die in a fire. I’m going to get that on my gravestone…

And my team didn’t go down easily. I brought the heals.

Behemoth, just loved playing that tank

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‘Yeah ? Well ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH’ to you too, motherfucker !’

‘Monster is stage 3. Lennox doesn’t care’.

I loved both of them to death, especially Lennox cause she was a melee character that I excelled at playing with about 70 % of the time. It’s difficult to judge since it was a coop game. But I was really good and before the game took a dive in playerbase, I learned how to dodge efficiently and punch while I was at the edge of the lance. Favorite character gameplay wise, 2nd favorite character wise.

MG is my favorite monster, mainly because during a match on Weather Control, I ambushed a team in the cavern underneath the control tower. Tight corridors and no space to maneuver, every ability hit like a ton of bricks.

I would assume that character development secrets are no longer a thing since… ya know… development isn’t a thing anymore.

On topic I don’t really have a flat Number 1 Favorite.

Wraith is my favorite Monster Gameplay wise. She doesn’t have a personality since ya know she’s a Monster… I mean… unless we let the weird side of the internet decide what “personality” means.

Out of the Hunters? I liked all the characters both Personality and Gameplay wise. Though my go tos were Laz, Emet, Crow, Abe, Bucket, Kala, Blertzkerv, Hyde and Parnell. The rest were a toss up on whether or not I wanted to play them.

The other Monsters were a toss up too. Hated fighting Krakens and Gorgons because OP Legacy Versions left a sour taste.

They talked about it here and on the Live Stream. :wink:

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Bob, then my babbys slim, emet, and kala.

Becouse of her sunny and warm personality.
(I’ll show myself out)


You… :point_right::point_right::point_right::door::door::door:


Him and Otachi.