To the developers


If you give into everything these noobs want out of your game. You’re going to ruin the entire thing. I beg of you to not fall to these pathetic wannabe gamers demands. I expect 100 reports for this topic. People tend to get upset when someone calls them out. I will not return to this topic. You guys can chat among eachother.



Last I heard, the game was supposed to be fun and balanced on all levels, pros and newbies alike.


To this point I find you baffling as a “forum personality”. Just had to be said. :slight_smile:


The noobs and whiners probably make up a significant portion of the player base, they will make more money listening to them.


Ah, but since they don’t all ultimately want the same thing (at a minimum the monster players would have opinions at odds with the hunter players) that, too, wouldn’t benefit anyone. Truly best to be true to their course while taking just a general temperature of feedback and poring over their abundant data.


Move along, nothing to see here… just another whiner with nothing constructive to add or an argument to present.



I went back and read your replies to the last 20 threads or so. You are quite sure of yourself aren’t you. Insulting every single other person that responds. Calling everyone noobs. Thinking you are “lighting people up” or “calling them out”.

No wonder so many people are reporting your posts. You’re a very unhappy individual it seems.


Obviously he hasn’t suffered the dreaded reset yet.

His time will come.

You can no more avoid the reset then you can death or taxes.


Same with “Protocol Error”, though a short-term pain and not as destructive. I’ve had to just do something else on some nights, unfortunately most often on Friday or Saturday night when the most great people to play with are on. Thankfully it has been intermittent but when you get a chain of failures and can’t play anything but solo it is aggravating.