To the Developers!


Hey there,

Just wanted to discuss a few things with the team/community, This would be witnessed by the community manager hopefully!

I found out about evolve before the alpha and was keeping up to date with the progress of the game, I managed to play my first match of evolve at PAX AUS 2014. After my successful win as Kraken for the one match I was able to get into I was immediately satisfied this game would deliver what I was looking for… I picked up a few codes from the stand for myself and a few buddies, then began the wait for the Alpha!

The alpha was a ball! Had a swell time and really got to play around with the game and tried to flesh out the mechanics as much as I could before it ended. Was good to see a different game coming through.

Now recently the Beta had ended. Being in AUS I allocated as much time as I was able too for the duration. Woke up at 3.30 AM and was up and thrashing the game as soon as it came online at 5am. Yes AM… I’m in Melbourne Australia…
I clocked up a total of 23 Hours during the beta, I spent every second of the game not only competing but playing around and stressing different mechanics and meta.

Whilst the experience was allot of fun. I found there to be a few things that were imbalanced, some making no sense. I do understand professionals don’t want to hear a random make this kind of statement. And I wont elaborate on it here as it isn’t my reason for writing this!!!

I gamed hard and managed by the end of the Beta +20 minute encore to achieve #1 in Global, Goliath and Kraken!
Here are some links to the three leader boards once the encore ended.,ZqAvG4a,kw5Pxpr#0
I was pretty stoked… Especially with the ratios…
It was a little disappointing that the leader boards were not featured to the community where as other games featured their beta leader boards and even showed an interest in the top players for their opinion on the game balance etc.
This is no big deal!

As of an hour ago I found out a bloke by the name of Mr_Strategio is actually one of the Game Testers/Dev team, I had a few games with him as hunters and we got along quite well. Cool guy, Was involved with me trying to help and assist new players about the game. Hats off to you buddy.

I am curious on an opportunity to compete with your dev team. I found out that a streamer had a shot with them and unfortunately did not come out on top :wink: I think I have a chance… Would be a great experience and I believe great for your end as the community could tune in and feel more connected… Plus who doesn’t like to be challenged?

I’m going to end it here… This is way longer than I expected hahah, All the best guys. Since the beta i’m allover the pre-order. For anyone at all feel free to ask me anything or everything. Ill keep in touch with this thread.

Thanks for the read. Hope to hear from you.
All the best.
Steam: SchindlersFist.

Will the leaderboard ever reset?

I’m sure that there will be ways for people to take on the Devs at least that’s what they said on stream.

But i want you to know that the Leaderboards where not working that well.For example i have a photo of me being in top 15 spot but others didn’t see me there.Everyone was seeing different things on the leaderboards


I believe the Gauntlet as been thrown. Does TRS accept this challenge?


Just a quick question; did you dodge at all? (leave the game [when losing] so the game wouldnt be scored)
Because that’s a pretty impressive score and it’d be a shame if u got there via dodging.
If not, then I take my hat off to you.

and @WiBaKi, there were different leaderboards for each console I believe (and perhaps even for each region? I’m not sure about that though)


Well if he was dodging, then we’d find out very quickly when he faces off against TRS with no where to run.


If it was region then i might be false.But i asked a fellow steam user to check the leaderboards and he said he couldn’t find me in the top 20.While i have a photo that game says i’m top15


Its probably because it seems to show you the highest rank you are for your leaderboards but when you toggle friends, it seems to show you the lowest. I would guess it does the same for when your friends look on their global leaderboards.

This was on ps4 btw so it might be different for pc, not sure.


I’m not talking about toggling friends.For sure there would be different things there.Maybe it was just the PC ones.


hey there. from what I know the leaderboards were optimal… I had people in my games recognise me because of it! I’m sure there will be but why not the player that managed to top the leaderboards! id be very keen to try!

So your saying if a game ended without the player present because they left doesn’t count? I remember leaving three games because I had an urgency in my household to attend too, and one because I fell through the map… I have a screenshot on steam of it hahaha. But I was disconnected above 5 times mostly on the first day…

That’s all I can think of in relation to matches that didn’t follow through. felt pretty bad for my team :confused:
none the less I still feel that my score is pretty sweet.

yeah in all honesty its an interesting outcome but despite achieving the rank and score I did I am not very sure ill be able to take them. In my opinion with 5 equally skilled players the hunters will always win.

this doesn’t mean I don’t want to give them a crack of course :wink: Hopefully the community manager or someone views this and responds.


For the beta if you left a game it didn’t count as a loss, but I believe for the full game it will. Apparently some people were abusing this to maintain their WLR for the leaderboards


I see. Well I would have expected to see everyone in the top 15 with a great WLR which there were…
So judging my WLR I lost 8 matches two of those were as monster, followed by 34 deaths 2 being monster 32 being as hunter. My distance travelled was quite low and even lower than rank 4 KiwiTama who was also a 23H player.

I hope you guys don’t think I exploited the game or anything. I think the only thing I can add to this is I have 23 hours of game play and clocked up more games than those who played the same amount of time slightly less or more hours. That includes time I spent in the lobby or anything I think… If i had wasted time leaving games I wouldn’t have been able to get the games added. Which would have meant id have less games as a whole even more hours possibly… (unsure I have thought about this correctly):S

I was hoping for people to be encouraging rather than skeptical… :confused: Hope I have relieved any suspicions… Its new to me that’s for sure.

Feel free to ask me anything.


I’m hoping they do! Would be awesome to communicate with them and get some good competition put together… Provided I’m good enough to oppose them… They play every day for hours. I think I have a chance… Hahahah. Would be awesome fun for all of us.


Regions. Not quite sure how they are, but I know that there’s separate leaderboards for Asia/America/Europe.


I remember you! (because I’m a big fan of the movie)

You played vs me as Kraken in the Orbital Drill. I was with @Time_stops_now & Alex_Versnel that day! We were winning until then … all rainbow and flowers until you went agaisn’t us and kite us to oblivion … he couldn’t do nothing (we got kind of upset and left the lobby).


I’m of two minds about that. First, it is a tool people use to inflate their standing, and thus needs to be adjusted for. Second, however, as a game it does have to take second place to actual real life stuff. I mean, if someone knocks at my door or I get a phone call, there is no pause button for me to hit to deal with that, and it would kind of suck to get a loss because of this.

Having said all of that, I don’t really care about leaderboards so much, so it’s not a huge issue to me anyway.


I guess it comes down to priority… Evolve > Distractions… or suffer… Hahahaha. Nah that’s fine dude, Evolve is amazing in that way. Its great to play casually for fun and to compete with your friends or others etc. But It features an amazing amount of skill on higher end. Allows for people to strive for professional competitive standing.

The model of the game is perfect for an Esport… I’m very exited…


Haha, Sorry about that… :wink: Hope You aren’t discouraged to pursue the game.


Nice work, im in Sydney so the start time was interesting for me too. I definitely didn’t log that many hours though, my eyes got to burning haha


Challenges is what fuels my will to play and get good at the game. :slight_smile: nothing to be sorry about for doing your role well. (unless you like wraith lvl 3 decoy and supernova) :stuck_out_tongue: eheh


That…is disappointing to hear about the WLR. I never left a game unless I had to take leave. Even then I didn’t have nothing to leave for so no one should be trying to save their W/L when I already know they probably suck… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :laughing: (just a little shiz talk for kicks)