To the developers of this game: Playing as monster is just near impossible to win!


To the developers of this game:
You must do something about the gameplay, it desperately calls for extreme tweaking, now please just hear me out:

Playing as monster is just near impossible to win I’m pretty sure I played 100+ matches, 60+ hours of gameplay, only 3 of the matches I played online, it was a miserable experience, terrible one really. I had to turn their talking down, I was so upset, but other than that in the offline matches I played I won just 2 of them, they are just too hard. I don’t understand why you made it so hard, so hard to kill the hunters once they are incapacitated, and then they respawn if you kill them, and if you incapacitate them 2x the third one they are finally dead. It’s insane I really love the monsters, but I have to admit, Evolve is impossible for me to master, slowly progressing bettering my monster, getting better perks, on loses upon loses is just no fun and it takes for ever. I’m now level 17 and I find this fact really irritating, that I bought a game, that is so cool, so awesome but near impossible to win as a monster. One feels clumsy and the hunters are absolutely too op. Too much limitation, in every game mode, the gameplay of monster should feel more fluid, more agile, not clumsy and that traps that slows you down is just too much, I’m like slowed down all the time, while my monster is’t exactly a champion in speed per se… I’m really disappointed and sad and I wonder how long will I keep playing it repeating it all over, losing again an again.

Is this really how the game was thought out? No wonder it gets such bad reviews, the gameplay as monster is terrible. The hunters are too op, too much teamwork, jetpacks for god sake!!, the levels mostly feel small, claustrophobic, don’t get me even started on the arena thing, This is one game the one that left me torn apart between if do I love it or if do I hate it. I don’t know any other game that made me feel like worthless piece of xyz every time I played it. It’s just more like masochism, than anything else. NOT ENJOYABLE. The hunters have shields, have traps, have medigun, have even friggin Daisy, so hard to kill, they respawn, and if they are incapacitated you must repeat the same process 3x while trying to survive, it’s freakin crazy, it’s insane, it’s total chaos, it’s a terrible, terrible experience!

Please do something about the terrible gameplay of this otherwise awesome game.


Because it has to be fair for both sides?
I’ve played several matches myself, and my win-to-lose ratio is a little over 50%.


No, no, no, no. Winning as monster is not anywhere near impossible.

Practice combos, if you learn how to do combos (Assuming your somewhat new) it becomes way easier. Would you like any specific tips?


It’s very hard for both sides, and its also very dependent on what monster you become, this game has a curve when Hunter Teams are organized, it tips slightly towards the hunters, but in the same light, when they arnt in coms, the monster is OP.

Being honest 60 hours isnt very much, some of the hunters you play against easily score in the 200 hours, at that point its expierence winning, not the balance.


Have you tried playing with the difficulty set to “Favors Monster”? The AI can be very strong, but once you learn how it works you should be able to beat them.


Which hunters do you think are OP??


No I played some solo, then went online, just once, then decided to practice much more solo, looking for tips, I’ve seen them all still it’s so hard and confusing playing as monster - Goliath.


Ok, well just look around for some tips. There’s plenty of good guides out there; you just have to remember that subtlety is key until you’re stage 3; and even then, it’s better to get the jump on the hunters than for them to know you’re coming.


yes, how to annihilate the glowing rings trap than envelopes all your body, is there any other way than to jump far away?? they make me really mad :smiley: and why is that daisy dog so hard to kill it’s basically almost like you’re fighting against 5 squad members with her >:/


Maggie for sure, hank, Lazarus idk, the assaults, all of them, with those shields! argh. I detest them. I know they are not my priority but still… I never even tried to play against the newer hunters, those bigass robots etc, they must be even more OP as I imagine, it’s a bonus for the hunters, getting more and more efficient equipment …


I feel ya abyss. But keep in mind, that most people are still learning the best way to play, and all the ins and outs, after lvl 40 and several hundred hours into this very involved game. Each hunter and monster has their own best way to be played.


Well the fact that I played for 60 hours and keep losing all the time never happened to me with a game. It is shocking! O.O


Playing monster can be quite difficult and going from solo to online is a big step. I would suggest watching some videos to pick up some tips and tricks. I would suggest watching some of @MaddCow’s videos as he explains things really well.

Also, playing as the hunters helps to understand who the best target would be in certain situations.

Best of luck. :wink:


Yea I know about that one, it’s just that if I wanna compete online, I must first master solo, so to speak, there is no favours monster in online matches.


What system ya on? I love teaming up with people and helping them out. But I’m on xbox1


A thousand times yes. It helps to see things from the other said of the glass. You may not think they are as strong after playing as them too.


I’m on PC - Steam



10 charizards


I never played as hunter, except in the tutorial… I just wanted to play as monster.


Yes I agree, thanks!