To preoder or not pre order


Ok so I really like what I see and I had a blast playing the alpha but I didn’t have a good enough amount of time to really determine if I wanna spend 60$ and preorder it. I think I’ll wait for some reviews to be safe but I wanna know if most of you guys have preordered? I’m definitely gonna buy the game but for some reason I’m paranoid it’s gonnna get old fast, mainly because my bro and my friends keep telling me but you guys keep my hopes up :slight_smile:


Well, if you wait and get it for cheaper later, you’d have to pay for behemoth - I say it’s very much worth preordering if you know you want it.


What Takran said. Although, if you’ve played it and said you had a blast, that should be all the ‘reviews’ you need. Hands on playing trumps reviews any day. If you think it feels like an impulse buy you can always wait. Worst case you pay for the DLC monster and extra skin if that is something you want/need.


Your choice.


Your friends are wrong.
Preorder the game.
Get the Savage Goliath skin,
Play as Behemoth for free.
Be happy with your life.
Bake me a cookie.


Oh and I just realized it would be 70$ for me :frowning: hopefully I can determine when the beta ends


You can always try the Beta for free. Decide from that maybe?


Yeah, I’ll try to play as much as I can.


Also the bonus skin,how stuff like call of duty actually have u purchase skins and designs,there’s a free bee.and if you go with games top you get a terminator themed weapon skin for Markov,Maggie,hank,and val.i preordered it myself just to have the feeling of"I have my very own copy" before its even released!plus daisy gets a cool paint job with the terminator skin


I love the Daisy skin, but I also hate Gamestop and don’t want to pre-order something I might not get access to until they open the next day. :’(


If you haven’t played it and can’t play it in the upcoming beta tests then as much as I love the game and people tell you that they like the game I would say wait at the vary least until the reviews (assuming they come out before the game release) to preorder the game. I am 100% against pre-ordering games with the caveat of having been able to play the beta/alpha without paying into it. I’ve gotten to play in 2 separate Alphas for Evolve and absolutely love it. I pre-ordered it because I liked everything about it but on the flip site you don’t know who i am or what types of games I like nor am I a professional reviewer. Hopefully I helped you out a at least a little bit.


Really want to know if the pre download is going to come with any preorder bonuses.


If you pre-order the download at gamestop, don’t you get the weapon pack too?


Ya, but I don’t like supporting Gamestop :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you dislike about them?


Their business practices in general. Their lack of communication and employee training has much to be desired. They also don’t treat their employees as great as I would like to think they should. (Especially because they make a decent amount of dosh that could be used for said training/employee benefits)


Hmm, time to do some research >.>


Don’t let my opinion of Gamestop deter you though. I started up a business and have been in numerous management positions so I have differing opinions in general about things like that :slight_smile: For instance, I LOOOOVE Papa Johns pizza. Some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. However, I think the owner is a horrible person and with the extra cost pf their pizza going up to almost $17 for a large speciality I find that I no longer support him :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh, I’m going to assume you don’t live in New York :stuck_out_tongue:

Just read something about how bad Gamestop… Pretty horrifying, reminds me of my time in construction work (More so the crazy boss part that is). Think I’m going to have to search for other ways to get hard copies of games now


why is this a question?!