To Gamepad, or not to Gamepad


With the Big Alpha right around the corner , I’m wondering if we’d need gamepads to play? I couldn’t think of playing the monster without an controller. So if anyone knows can I get a heads-up before buying a gamepad…? Plz :3


A gamepad won’t be necessary. Many FPS games exist on PC which use the Mouse and Keyboard just fine. That’s not to say that you cannot buy one if you want, but it won’t be mandatory.


I will use gamepad for monster cuz its better :smile:


It all boils down to preference. Alot of people play with gamepads and prefer that, I myself prefer the use of mouse and keyboard.

Even as playing as Goliath previously, I didn’t really run into any odd control schemes during both sides of things


I think people use gamepads a lot because it was first thing they saw when playing Evolve
So everyone said: It cant be that bad actually


Controllers only plus, is diagonal movement. Which can also be accomplished with good use of M+KB. I personally hate gamepads with a passion. Nothing against others using them, it’s just free kills in PC FPS’s.


yeah i never enjoyed a gamepad , that’s why I don’t have one currently. But , when I thought of playing the Goliath it seemed very awkward with K+M. Like the monster has 4 abilities , it can’t be like an moba and qwer it , so I was like stressing over the control schemes for the monster.


Most of the Skills have a wind up/action time. So even with a gamepad it won’t matter. For example, fire breath is just a continual ability, rock throw has a pick up/hold till released, Charge is instant, and the jump smash is done from ambush so it’s fine as well.

It’s no worse than changing weapons as a hunter, or any other FPS for PC. You can also get a gaming mouse that has a few side buttons. I have 3/4 bound to my mouse and 1/2 stay on keys.


I never played with Controller before too but i must say its good


Agreed. I see a lot of people say that gamepad is better for monster but I just don’t see how landing those rock throws is easier with a stick. I mean, to each his own but I thought Rock throw was really easy to land and I think lightning strike is going to be too easy to land on KB/M setup.

Guess we’ll find out.

And I rebound my monster abilities to QERF (which are around WASD) for easy access and moved eat to C since I won’t be in combat and eating, much rather have E for something combat related since it’s easy to hit.


The PC version works just as well with a gamepad as it does without it. I personally prefer the Mouse and Keyboard setup but there are several people in the office who stand by their gamepads, and many of them are EXTREMELY good with them.