To Fellow Monsters


I don’t know…I guess I just lost the spark…

Playing against public randoms just isn’t like what it used to be. Where’s the fun in squashing the hunters like the insolate bugs they are anymore? Do you fellas do anything to mix it up or make it more of a challenge? Consistent Stage One fights are what I’m doing now, but sadly I’m winning those with relative easy now too (told a guy if they want me to crush them with a stage one monster, he scoffed and so I proceeded to erase him and his groups existence for the next couple of games).

I now just farm my Behemoth masteries on them and let them do their thing to me before I end the games at the 2min mark (helped a guy get a CRAPTON for the sentry challenge, some trappers and medics too, though I can’t tell if they knew I was helping them or just gloating by standing still due to them sometimes not having mics)

So do you guys have any ways to change it all up, or are pug fights getting stagnant for you guys too?

Maybe I should leave this game in the digital library for now and come in on weekends to help with challenges I don’t know…


Most pubs are just boring, I wanna get a group of friends together for customs to actually have fun, but till then, these Behemoth masteries aren’t gonna complete themselves :confused:


Try using your least favorite monster. Thats what I’m doing right now. I’m terrible with Kraken.
You could also try picking a useless perk before the match starts.


Armor recharge rate it is then, unless it’s Behemoth. His roll seems redundant without it.


I cruise through the forums looking for teams that want to play against dedicated monsters or who need one for tournament teams, and play them. The difference in pace between them and pubs is vast. It’s extraordinarily fun; it feels like a real hunt, not just 4 weirdos walking into their doom.
When I do pub, though, I go for stage 1 downs, and wins if I can, and test out new builds and try to find new uses and strengths for abilities.


Lol I just talked about this

It’s honestly frustrating and kinda makes me not want to play against randoms sometimes but I don’t have friends online all the time.


If you were Xbone we could play together :sob:
tho honestly I really should join mustard rake so I could play with you, shin and rose


Thatd be awesome ^.^
But PC mustard rake is espensive ;-;


Haha that made me laugh out loud abit, took me awhile to figure that out.

mustard rake… I like that.


I can buy parts at legit wholesale through my dad thankfully due to his business. it’s still expensive tho :confused:


I got lucky, my parents agreed to buy my rig for my 16th birthday if I didn’t get a car.
Guess who doesn’t have a car


you might need that car soon :wink:


Who needs a car when you got a bicycle ^.-


Leads to more romantic dates anyways ^.^
But seriously, rainy days, dates, long distances… Its good exercise but you’ll need one lad!


Oh fuff, Lone wolf yo, theres a reason I only like monster ^.-




Btw I’m moar pro at monster than you :wink:


Psh no way


I just got out of a custom lobby with Shin, Bear_Stream and MaddCow. Played two Monster matches against them. Still fun for me.


Its hard to deny my abilities quirkmeister