To fellow Monster PLayers

Any of you on win streaks? And if so how many wins is it?

I kid you not when I say I have not lost with Kraken since beta.

Funnily enough I still remember it…

It was right by the power source on the final part of defend.

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I just swept my 4th evac mode.

Im on like 60 winstreak with kraken, i went on a 169 winstreak with goliath now i have 1 death and 189 wins i think, and im on a 68 winstreak with wraith.

Im on a 26 killstreak as Clownfish Wraith i love that things abduction and 7 with behemoth
48 with goliath and 14 with kraken.

I’m on a 2 winstreak as behemoth during npc only matches, and a 15 losing streak as behemoth against people from the forum!


I lost count… D:

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Haha same here

Any Monsters who think they are that good add me and play my hunter squad…

Add me when you get on PS4 :smile:

I still haven’t lost as wraith or
Behemoth :sunglasses:

Go pc or Don’t talk pro. You could never hope to take on pc hunters.

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For shame, should’ve been practicing more with KrakEn. Been playing so much Goliath that when I played a pre made from forum (creamed them 3 or 4 times) and switched to Kraken, I lost by a fair margin :confused:

Its funny how you pc players think that only pc players are good, the pc streamers arent even good, and ive watched quite a lot of them, im sure if your pro pc hunters jumped on console theyll get rekt. not all of us have time to go build a 100 grand pc just to play evolve, but that doesnt give you permission to talk smack about someones skills on the game No matter what platform.


I would have a short rant in response to this but @Ebon_Predator already took care of that

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