To everyone unsatisfied with Evolve (Lets fix this)


It’s apparent that many of you (gamers) are unsatisfied with the game. I am actually quite content with the game but I see flaws, but my opinion does not matter right now. I want to know why people are upset and what they would like to see fixed. The only way to fix this game is to give CONSTRUCTED FEEDBACK. Please don’t write two worded posts like “gaem sux”.

edit: lol


THere are plenty of threads where issues are being talked about by the Devs and their progress on it. You can even track what Devs are saying by using the Dev Tracker.


why would they have to give us something in return? oO


Yeah that doesnt make any sense. I just want them to change the current direction their heading or at the very least speed up the progress of the directions their heading.

I think the biggest issue with evolve is that it was released wayyy too early with too little monsters and hunters. If this started with 5 monsters and 24 hunters i think the game would not get so much flak


I like the attitude of this thread, and would like to say it’s unfortunate that they couldn’t have had more monsters and hunters, simply because of their manpower/money/time limit. They certainly did a great job with what’s there IMO, and are working at all the damn bugs pretty hard too.


Thats where the dlc has to come in, provides extra cash flow to fund salaries and further game development


thats basically my list of things… oh i can add some


I know, and I hope they give us plenty of it, I will pay to make this game better.


I’d cough up at least another 60 to see like 5 more monsters made XD