To devs. how long will it take to update bugs


I thought that I’d be a good idea to try and keep us on noticed bugs/issues going on and for anyone to post here (in a non rude manner) and for devs to keep us posted on problems being resolved right now


Not sure if this is the right area, but anyways if you want to reach them;

Check for an existing topic, there might be one related to it.

And then tag them with @stalmani4 and it will notify them.


You could have put this in General Discussion I would think.

Anyway - I can assure you at TRS is busy fixing already! Really is a great group of devs.

Maybe I can use my 1337 powers of persuasion to summon @DamJess and see what she says!



Now i get to say i told you so, been saying it all along that these bugs wont be fixed at launch same old bugs been here from alpha/beta no one cared and hid behind the old “but its alpha” “But its beta” so now are people hiding behind “its launch day”.

Get this thread pumped up so we can see the fixes in 2 week hopefully.

Here are the some of the more annoying.

Still crashes on desctop…
Still has the cursor bug (now 2 different ones)

This is on PC btw.