To Celebrate the Anniversary of Evolve (A gift to the dev team)


So to celebrate the anniversary of Evolve and to thank the dev team, I plan on writing little stories, 3 to 8 paragraphs, for each of the dev team members that are active on the Forums or for the ones requested or asked for. To showcase what they’d be like I’m using a pre-made one that I did for Dan, or @MajorLeeHyper. My hero at TRS If any of the dev members would like me to do this for them, just simply reply and I’ll type it up!


Yes, please.


Then I’ll get to working!


I’ll have it done by 7pm my time so 5pm your time. Sorry about the delay, got work till 6pm.


Ooh… Maybe I could draw membuhs of TRS too :3


Oh, fair Maiden. How blessed can one be? To be held upon such asteem is such of a great honor. To look above and not pity the damned. To be a leader of all but a follower aswell? One could only pray to reach such heights. You don’t lead blindy, but by a fair and just hand. A hand made of comfort. A hand made of compassion. A hand made for the masses. You do not hold yourself above those who weep, but weep with them. You do not ignore the sufferings of your people, you suffer with them. You do what is your best. You do what you can till the break of dawn and until the break of dawn again. You strive for the betterness of your people. Your hand reaches out and grabs the one who can walk no further. You bring life to their broken bones and shriveled skin. You open a light in their eyes and they see once more the gloriousness of that which is you. They push on and fight. They climb. They climb to you. Many have climbed to you, but their weight doesn’t stop you nor hold you down. It only gives you more strength. You, our fair Maiden, you help us. You guide us. You bring us honor. Oh, fair Maiden. How blessed can we be?

@LadieAuPair, yours is done.


@Chloe I saw you liked the thread. Up for a story?


If you like :blush:


I most definitely do.


The Maker of Arts. A title not given to many. One held to high acord. A prestigious title. One, when said aloud, that is heard across all the lands with a great chime. One that brings that smile to the face if those in pain. A title that all would be glad to have, but wouldn’t be able to bare. You hold this with great strength. A strength not many, if any at all, have. Your strength allows you to tackle any struggle. Nothing stands in your way as you push further. We sit idoly by, cheering, but twiddling our thumbs. We appreciate all the work, but find it hard to show that we do. Your strength gives us the strength to say thanks but we have to find the strength in ourselves to say more. There are a few who muster the strength to say more. They are our voices to you. Our voices that bring gifts. Our voices to say more. You accept these with open arms and we thank you more. Everything is appreciated.

@Chloe yours is done!


This thread is awesome! Have 54 cupcakes!


Thanks! I put a lot of time and effort into these, I only wish more Devs would respond. I wanna do one for all of them.


Perhaps if I tag @Shaners, she, Chloe, and Ladie can spread the word! And…if Jess is still around (tear) @DamJess


This is an awesome thread. Great stories so far too. :wink:


I love these stories! I feel one should be done for Phil aka “The Holy Nostrils” & Chris aka “Nerd Jesus.” Maybe even a joint story hahaha


It shall be done!


Nerd Jesus and the Quest for the Holy Nostrils

Nerd Jesus was given a quest. A task no one had done before. A task so great that I would take all his strength, all his wit to accomplish it. His quest, to find the Holy Nostrils. Never has such a feat been put before a mortal man, but Nerd Jesus was not afraid. “I shall take this quest with great stride and shall never falter, for I am, Nerd Jesus!” He proclaimed. And he was off. Ready to obtain the Holy Nostrils.

He had little clue to the dangers ahead. His quest would lead him down the mountain from his village, into and through the forest of coughing trees, passed the village of mutated foot fungus, over the river of boiling blood and into caves of sticky mucus. Hours had passed as he arrived at the forest of coughing trees. Many dangers lurked in those woods, most legend but many real. The old tales told of trees coughing, pushing an unwary traveler into a whirlwind of unending angony. Yet Nerd Jesus was not afraid. He pushed on. The trees tried their hardest but could never lift Nerd Jesus off the ground. The coughed and they coughed but their strength was no match for the weight of Nerd Jesus’s heart. He exited the woods, unafraid and filled with strength as he edged closer to the village of mutated foot fungus.

As he came closer he could hear their screams. Screams like bats, screams of raven cry. He knew he had to be careful. One mistake would leave to the death of him. As he approached the village he took of his shoes and began striding through the back steets of the village. He had almost made clear before stepping on a twig, breaking and echoing through out the village. The mutated foot fungus all screamed in harmony. Nerd Jesus bolted for the exit, hear the squashing of the foot fungus getting closer. He ran and ran until he reached the village gates. The gates close he pushed with all his strength and opened the door. He slammed it shut once on the other side.

Now, with his quest half complete he continued on the river of boiling blood. The only way across was over a bridge, a bridge known for its trickery. The bridge looks whole, but secretly it’s dismayed. Entire sections of the bridge are missing. Nerd Jesus knew of this. He sat on the bay and studied the bridge. He began to realize something, some of the blood from the river would spew onto the bridge but would fall straight through. This gave way to the missing boards. Nerd Jesus began his walk across the bridge, jumping over hole that weren’t there and dodging boiling blood left and right. He made across safely and was met immediately by the caves of sticky mucus.

He entered the cave to find nothing inside, but a man. Nerd Jesus called towards the man and as he entered the room his voice called out with a strong echoing clap. “I am the Holy Nostrils! You have entered my domain! Leave now or be prepared to face me!” Nerd Jesus was not afraid, he prepared himself for a fight and went straight for the Holy Nostrils. He turned and with one mighty gust from his nose, covered Nerd Jesus in mucus and threw him against the wall. “Why have you come here Nerd Jesus? What is your quest? Tell me!” The Holy Nostrils proclaimed. “I have come to claim the Holy Nostrils!” Nerd Jesus yelled. “Then you must defeat me! To do so is to accomplish a feat no living soul has done before! Are you ready for this challenge?” The Holy Nostrils voiced. “I am ready.” Said Nerd Jesus and they epic battle insued.

The two fought for days, equal to each other. “I see you can not best me!” Said the Holy Nostrils. “I see that you can not best me!” Said Nerd Jesus. “Then what shall happen? Will we fight forever? Or will we come to an agreement?” Asked the Holy Nostrils. “Fighting any further would prove to be pointless. We shall come to an agreement.” Said Nerd Jesus. “What are your terms, so that I may agree with them?” Demanded the Holy Nostrils. “My terms are simple. All we must do is end our fighting and for me to take you out of the cave.” Said Nerd Jesus. “I see. I shall agree to the terms on one decree, you shall never leave my side. You will fight with me against the taint of this world!” Said the Holy Nostrils. “I agree.” Said Nerd Jesus.

The two exited the cave. Now with the Holy Nostrils at his side, the two would be unstoppable. They go on to become heroes of the land, serving those who despise evil.

I put a lot of thought into this one, so I hope you all like it. @Shaners the story is done and is being told on high across the lands.


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Not a second but uh… cough. :smile:


I’m glad that people are liking these. It’s rather hard making a story out of a name or title.